International Men's Day campaigns - Brands attempt to crush male stereotypes

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Men's Day campaigns

Brands attempt to crush gender norms and toxic masculinity that society has imposed on men for decades, this International Men's Day through campaigns and creatives.

19 November, International Men’s Day, is aimed at celebrating men across the globe for their resilience and the part they play in contributing to this society. Brands joined in with campaigns and creatives to paint the man who is often bogged down by societal expectations and stereotypes.

This year, the theme that brands focused on was educating society on the sensitive aspects of a man.  

With their #TheMostComfortableMan campaign, DaMENSCH dived into redefining the idea of being comfortable, moving away from the age-old preconceived notion that staying within your comfort zone does not equal growth. Through this emotional campaign, the brand is seeking to represent different situations where men find discomfort. 

Some brands used wit and humour to celebrate men and tried to crush the toxic masculinity the gender has to deal with on a daily basis. With creatives and campaigns revolving around educating the world about the traits men have, brands went all out. Here are some brand creatives and campaigns we came across. 

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International Men's Day Campaigns 2022

Impresario Global - #IsThisMasculine


The Man Company - #GentlemanInYou



Burger King India

Geeks for Geeks

Kotak Mahindra

Dominos India

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