Meta launches new tools that enable brands to protect their intellectual property

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As a part of continued investment and development of Brand Rights Protection, Meta has launched a new API to enable rights holders to report potential violations of their IP rights.

Brand Rights Protection allows brands to identify and report content that impersonates them or misuses their intellectual property, and the new Intellectual Property (IP) Reporting application programming interface (API) is a part of the ongoing efforts to help businesses protect their intellectual property rights across Facebook and Instagram.

The IP Reporting API allows rights holders to efficiently report content they believe violates their intellectual property rights. In addition, Meta is continuing to invest in Brand Rights Protection with new features that will help businesses who own IP to search for and report potential violations more effectively.

With the new IP Reporting API, rights holders can automate the reporting of content they believe infringes on their intellectual property rights. The tool integrates with the existing Graph API, the primary way for apps to read and write to the Facebook social graph. This integration allows authorized API users to more effectively fill out the same fields that exist in the IP reporting forms in a secure and streamlined way, bringing more efficiency to this process by allowing users to report content at scale.

Brand Rights Protection allows brands to identify and report content for counterfeit products, trademark violations, copyright infringement, and impersonation. The tool is accessible within Business Manager and can be used to search for content that misuses a brand’s intellectual property or impersonates them, send Meta a request for content removal, track the status of these requests and add reference images to help automatically detect potential infringing content.

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Here’s a recap of all the improvements made over the last few months:

  • Automated takedowns for eligible brands: Meta introduced automated takedowns to make enforcement faster for brands with a strong reporting history. Brands with a demonstrated history of actionable requests may be eligible to have some of their takedown requests automatically approved. To protect the integrity of the systems and prevent misuse of this feature, the platform will audit takedown requests and may consider additional factors to determine eligibility.
  • Allow list: The platform has added the ability for rights holders to upload a list of Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts that are owned or authorized to improve the accuracy of search results and enforcement.
  • Automated recommendations: Meta will now automatically recommend ads, commerce listings, Facebook Pages, and Instagram accounts for brands to review based on previous reports, allow lists, and reference images.
  • More ways to search: The ability for businesses and brands to search by image for more types of content, including posts on Facebook and Instagram; search using Facebook and Instagram URLs and IDs (see the full list in the Help Center), making it easier to find and report content in the tool.
  • Wider search coverage: Brands can now search and report Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Facebook profiles, Instagram accounts, and posts on Facebook and Instagram. options
  • Impersonation reporting: A standalone reporting option for business impersonation has been added. Brands can now report potentially infringing ads, Facebook Page, and Instagram accounts just for impersonation, or for counterfeit, trademark or copyright infringement. This update will improve the ability to proactively detect and remove impersonating content.
  • Insights dashboard: Meta provides more transparency with a new Insights dashboard, which will show the last 90 days’ worth of actions taken from reports submitted in Brand Rights Protection.