Elon Musk to resign as Twitter CEO after poll concludes

Shamita Islur
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Twitter Chief Elon Musk to resign from his current position after the results of a poll. Snoop Dogg seems to be keen on replacing him.

In his ever on-going Twitter-verse saga, Elon Musk has agreed to resign as the CEO of Twitter. The tech company giant is making the move after the results of a poll where users decided if he should step down from the position. The audience’s votes were against Elon with 57% voting yes and 43% saying no.

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But, Elon has a condition. He will only complete the resignation if he finds someone ‘foolish enough’ to take the job. He said he will run the software and server teams after appointing someone. 

Twitter might have already found a replacement for the position. American Rapper, Snoop Dogg, ran a poll asking users whether he should run the platform. Users have positively reacted with 81% voting yes.

One might wonder why such a major decision has been made using a poll. Well, Elon Musk has always made use of Twitter polls to move forward with his 'free speech' agenda. A few days ago, he Tweeted that he will make use of votes for major policy changes and users with blue tick can contribute to key policy changes at the platform. And he has abided by what he said. 

After his Twitter takeover, Elon had fired some of the top executives, thereby becoming the sole director of the platform. The new CEO might have their hands full if they are to take on the mantle, especially with the strict regimes made by the Twitter owner.

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