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Chaaya Baradhwaaj

In conversation with Social Samosa, Chaaya Baradhwaaj who is also a jury member for Social Samosa SAMMIE BSMB 2022 shares learnings as BC Web Wise completes more than two decades.

Chaaya Baradhwaaj, Founder - Managing Director at BC Web Wise talks about the evolution of digital marketing, sustaining a longer shelf-life of the campaign, and more.

Edited Excerpts:

How has digital marketing grown in the last few years and how do you see it evolving in the future?

There has been exponential growth that digital media is experiencing, resulting in an increase in focus and budgets on digital. 

With clients making a shift and going digital first, there is a shift from a tactical and execution-led approach, that complements mainline communication to address the consumer’s omnichannel journey with more emphasis on addressing every digital touch point effectively. With a digital-first and/or a digital-only approach. 

With BC Web Wise completing more than two decades, what are some of the learnings you would like to share with the agency folks? What does the future of the agency model look like?

Digital is a very interactive medium, and with technology, at its backbone, there is a constant evolution of what one can do on digital. We see platform shifts happening, from Yahoo search to Google, from Facebook to Instagram to Whatsapp, and from Youtube to Sharechat. It is not multiple channels like on TV with the same format, but multiple platforms with multiple content and communication formats. Learning and adapting on the go continuously need to be at the core of agency culture.

In addition, we will see mainline and BTL tagging onto the digital-first model. We as an agency have started acquiring talent from mainline who keenly understand digital, and have already made shifts. Talent that has an understanding of all mediums and how they complement each other will be high in demand and will drive digital agency growth. 

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The advertising industry has witnessed many changes in the last decade, what do you think remains constant? 

The purpose of why we exist is to ensure that the client’s business needs are met, this is the only constant. 

How can brands and agencies sustain a longer shelf-life of the campaign?

It is difficult in the industry where customers have gotten used to refreshing content every time they open any screen. Having said that, we can learn from Bollywood. Sholay is an eternal film. You can watch it again and again. The slices of the film keep popping up, and you will stop to watch it. It brings a smile to your face. It is thrilling and exciting.

Essentially content and the experience you deliver, if you can crack for it to be top-notch you can extend its shelf-life. And yes, if you can create this content that can be sliced and presented in different formats so much better. 

The year is almost coming to an end, what would be some of your focus areas in the coming year? What can be expected from BC Web Wise in 2023?

Learning and development, talent management, bringing mainline intelligence, addressing new opportunities Web 3.0. What you can expect from us is handling full mandates, not just digital AOR. 

As a jury member, what is the winning formula that SAMMIE participants can take note of?

The uniqueness of strategy, refreshing content and user experience, relevance to the brand and consumer it is talking to, and impact it creates - this is the winning formula in my opinion.

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