LinkedIn launches new features to help brands advertise more effectively

Shamita Islur
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LinkedIn's new features

LinkedIn’s new features provide an opportunity to generate more traffic, make use of upgraded analytics and more.

LinkedIn launches new features to help organisations extend their reach and engage with their potential customers with targeted content. With new updates, brands on LinkedIn can now do more with Newsletters, thoughtfully promote products on the platform, and keep a close eye on competitor content trends.

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Generate more Newsletter subscribers

Newsletters have quickly become a powerful content tool for brands. Using LinkedIn Newsletters, organisations can publish recurring articles and instantly build a subscriber community via a one-time notification to their Page followers and ongoing notifications to their Newsletter subscribers. 

The newest updates will allow users to easily subscribe to the brand’s newsletters on search engines. Making use of the SEO best practices in the article’s SEO titles, descriptions and tags will gain visibility. As the page continues to grow, LinkedIn will automatically send notifications to new followers to subscribe to the newsletter. 

Get discovered by showcasing your products

Brands can now get more value via the product pages on LinkedIn. Buyers can directly search for brand products, based on specific categories using the in-platform search. They can also use product highlights to showcase a specific product and can re-share content from product community to the LinkedIn page. 

Upgraded competitor analytics

One of the most valuable targets for marketers is to differentiate their brands from each other. The new update to the LinkedIn competitor analytics dashboard will allow brands to track follower growth and engagement rates while keeping a track of competitor performance. 

The analytics will help keep track of trending content to stay on top of brand strategy. The updates are available on both desktop and mobile devices. 

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