Twitter adds new updates to Community Notes & Cashtags

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Twitter updates the eligibility criteria for Community Notes, which enables users to see the credibility of a piece of information circulating; along with the introduction of a new tab for the Finance topic on the platform.

To help curb the problem of misleading information, Twitter had previously launched a feature called ‘Birdwatch’. Building on this tab, community notes take clear inputs from Twitter users with the required knowledge and ratings including journalists, government sources, and more. 

Other than this, the platform has also launched a ‘Cashtag’ feature. The search results in this hashtag allow users to get information on major stock, ETF, and cryptocurrency updates. 

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Here’s what the new Twitter updates entail:

Community notes contributors

Prior to September 2022, contributors did not have to unlock the ability to write. They simply had to rate other notes. With the latest update, they will have to unlock the writing ability as well. Contributors will need to earn a Rating Impact of at least 5. Those who already have a rating impact of 5+ need not worry. 

Cashtags stock pricing graphs

Twitter Cashtags will show the data for stock pricing. When users use major pricing symbols (For eg. $), they will be able to see clickable links that show the stock ratings in the markets. Users can also search for the symbols directly without clicking on a link in a tweet. On Android, people can tap on the chart and see an interactive view powered by Trading view. This functionality is coming to iOS and the Web in early January. These new Twitter updates aim to expand and refine the user experience.

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