vivo launches the fourth edition of its recurring ‘Switch Off’ campaign

vivo campaign

vivo’s campaign, conceptualized by FCB India, focuses on the behavioral & psychological changes in married couples’ relationships due to excessive usage of smartphones.

Technology is a blessing that can benefit us greatly in both our personal and professional lives. But excessive usage of technology might be harmful and may have a significant effect on our relationships. In light of this, vivo released the results of its fourth Switch Off study, titled “Smartphones and their impact on human relationships 2022,” which focused on the behavioral and psychological changes in married couples’ relationships as a result of excessive smartphone use.

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vivo’s campaign shows an emotionally engaging and compelling plot that depicts how a wife must write an email to her husband next to her to inform him of her illness. The husband then understands his mental disengagement from the marriage and the necessity of turning off his smartphone in order to be fully present in his marriage to his wife.

Speaking about the film, Yogendra Sriramula, Head – Brand Strategy, vivo India, said, “Smartphones have permeated every aspect of life and the pandemic has only deepened its penetration. However, this is emerging as one of the stringent barriers to one-on-one human connections. Unintentionally, excessive usage of these devices is impacting the intimate relationship we share with our partners. Even while we may be physically present with them, our minds are always indulged in our phones, resulting in decreased attention toward our partner.

The fourth edition of the ‘Switch off’ campaign is vivo’s effort to raise awareness and initiate a dialogue on how excessive smartphone use by spouses is harming their relationships with their better halves. This heart-touching and eye-opening film depict the changing relationship dynamics of married couples along with their addiction/dependence on their smartphones.”

The campaign, with a strong narrative and script, manages to shed light on how excessive smartphones can impact real life in inconceivable ways.