Wendy's takes a dig at its competitors in its new ad for India

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Wendy’s superior burgers

The brand has launched a new campaign asking customers to refresh their 20-year-old burger preference.

Rebel Foods unveiled its campaign Refresh Your Burger with Wendy’s for its franchise partner brand. Through this campaign, the brand captures how Wendy’s burgers in India are replacing and refreshing the age-old burgers. 

Conceptualised by Leo Burnett, the campaign talks about replacing the old boring burgers with new flavourful Wendy’s burgers that have revamped the burger experience in India. The female protagonist with a glamorous car is seen introducing the new and tasty burger to the male protagonist who is still stuck in the past, consuming the same boring burger from the last 20 years, driving a slow car, depicting a mundane life. The advertisement aims to spread the message of bringing excitement and freshness to burgers with, deliciously different patties, a variety of sauces and fresh veggies and premium buns.

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Speaking about the campaign, Nishant Kedia, Vice President & Category Head at Rebel Foods said, Indians have been eating the same types of burgers for the last two decades and the available offerings lack excitement and innovation. The objective of this campaign is to drive awareness of the brand and educate consumers about the extraordinary experience offered by Wendy’s superior burgers in India. The campaign focuses on a new burger experience with deliciously different patties, a new variety of sauces and fresh veggies that are making life more fun and interesting.”

Wendy’s has also innovated with its products in India as per consumer tastes and preferences. The world’s second-largest burger brand offers burgers like Spicy Aloo Crunch Burger, Paneer Delight Burger, Railway Cutlet Burger, Anda Burger, Masala Fries, etc. to suit Indian tastes and preferences. Wendy’s is exclusively present on the Rebel Foods network currently in 95+ internet restaurants in 20+ cities.

This campaign will be spread through various digital channels and platforms. The campaign will feature across social media platforms, OTT platforms, and YouTube.

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