Swiggy imagines what professional food profiles would look like

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Swiggy's marketing strategy

Audience gets a picture of what our favourite food items would look like if they were on LinkedIn. Here's a closer look at Swiggy's marketing activity.

Loves to talk about Samosa, Chole and Chai. We are not talking about ourselves, we are referring to Swiggy's new post. Swiggy's marketing post brings our favourite foods to the professional sphere. In an Instagram post, the food platform shared a few LinkedIn profiles that ‘they came across’. 

And thus the audience was introduced to the superior foods of Swiggy. It introduced professional Biryani first, which started its career as Chawal and was later promoted to the mouth-watering delicacy Biryani. Swiggy later personified Chole Bhature, which is the Chief Sleep Officer and will undoubtedly finish its job.

Then came India's favourite Gol Gappe, which won the most Versatile Snack of the Year. Momos were introduced as the home to all ‘momo sapiens’ and Paneer is the CEO of vegetarian options. Dessert king Gajar ka Halwa shares interests in winters and weddings. Last but not the least, our favourite Samosa, which happens to be a mutual connection with yours truly, Social Samosa. 

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This marketing exercise comes with funny and relatable flavours the brand has added to each of the dishes making Virat Kohli a ‘mutual connection’ for Chole Bhature and Gol Gappe contributing to ‘gossips’.

Swiggy has time and again made food the main ingredient for our thoughts and has succeeded. The food delivery app creates brand awareness through user-generated content that millennials and GenZ connect with. Any trendy topic of discussion and it’s one of the first brands to showcase its marketing A-game. Swiggy’s marketing strategy is a lesson other marketers can learn from. 

If Monday was a reel

Monday blues can spoil the mood. Even more so when you ruin the food. That’s precisely what Swiggy captured with a recent reel. To showcase what Monday feels like, it created a reel where every food item you are looking forward to eating gets spoiled. Talk about having a bad day. 

Swiggy x Spotify 

The brand tuned in on the Wrapped party and created a food playlist for the year 2022. With relatable quips on our food habits, it added ‘Kuch bhi chalega’ as the top food people wanted to eat. 

The uncrackable competitive exams

Taking a page from the student life, Swiggy tweeted a picture of eggs that just can’t be cracked. It’s a predicament most students find themselves in when giving competitive exams. 

November dump

One of the best ways the brand engages with its audience is by making it interactive. Recently, it asked its audience to Tweet their November dump, except make it a food dump. What followed was pictures of mouth-watering food on Twitter. 

Food for thought? More like food will make its way to your heart with Swiggy’s witty takes. This is how the brand makes sure to keep the audience engaged with its campaigns and strategies.

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