YouTube updates eligibility criteria for monetization

Shamita Islur
New Update
YouTube monetization

YouTube clarifies the eligibility criteria for creator monetization and ad revenues with its new guidelines.

YouTube has updated its content guidelines to determine what type of content is eligible for monetization and advertising revenues on the site. Creators have often expressed their frustration at YouTube's regulations, as it immediately cuts them off from monetization opportunities if a video fails to adhere to the rules. 

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Here’s a list of criteria for content guidelines. 

Adult Content

The Policy enforcement around classical arts depicting sexual activities, sexual education and dancing will remain unchanged and are subject to receiving ad revenue. Thumbnails, titles and videos containing adult links and obscene language won’t receive ad revenue. 


Content created for shock value, including dead bodies and violence directed towards a real person will not receive ad revenue. Although, displaying gory injuries after the first 8 seconds and non-graphic tragedies can receive revenue.

Harmful or dangerous acts

Minors being involved as participants in dangerous displays of stunts will not receive revenue.

Recreational drugs and drug-related content

YouTube has also updated guidelines for gaming content on the platform. Mentioning drugs or drug dealings in gaming content will be eligible for ad revenue. Though drug use and consumption in the video are barred from the same benefit.

Dishonest Behaviours

YouTube has introduced new guidelines under the Enabling dishonest behaviour guideline. Creators who pretend to be retail store employees without the owner’s prior permission won’t receive monetization. They also won’t be eligible for the same if they violate the code of conduct and encourage the use of hacking software in competitive e-sports. 

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