Glamming up for 2023: Sukhleen Aneja shares MyGlamm’s marketing game plan for the year

Sukhleen Aneja

The beauty industry has gone through a massive transformation after the pandemic. Clean and green has emerged as its core; The Good Glamm Group’s Sukhleen Aneja tells Social Samosa about the pillars that built its marketing blueprint, its media mix for the year, and beauty trends she foresees.

In the last few years, consumers have given a chance to new-age brands. These brands have relied a lot on Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) channels and marketing to pierce through an old landscape, leapfrogging ahead of established competitors. D2C beauty brand MyGlamm, which was born at the cusp of e-commerce and content’s evolution, has also embraced marketing to win over consumers. 

It was launched in 2015, when ‘organic, clean, sustainable and green’ were some of the buzzwords in the beauty industry. Once a fad, clean beauty brands have brought about a change in lifestyle and consumers habits. MyGlamm is now a part of the $0.84 billion natural cosmetic industry in India and US$27.23 billion Beauty & Personal Care market, as per Statista.

MyGlamm’s Marketing Map

To mark its presence in this booming industry, MyGlamm paid more attention to its USP.

“We’ve tried to make sure that we have clear the positioning of all our brands. Fundamentally, we would like to create very strong brands, which would offer lasting value for us. Brands need to have a very clear purpose, a strong positioning and a very clear differentiation on why should consumers buy A product versus B,” said Sukhleen Aneja, CEO of Beauty and FMCG brands, The Good Glamm Group. 

So, MyGlamm has tried to focus on differentiation amidst the proliferation of beauty brands in India. 

Sharing how setting itself apart was a key priority in the formation of the brand, Aneja said, “MyGlamm is a very young makeup brand and its purposes very clear – it’s all about becoming glamorous by using products that are extremely good for you. Later, our proposition [in marketing] became ‘MyGlamm allows you to glam up like a star’ or Glamm up all day.”
In its early stages, the D2C beauty giant started by targetting young, urban working women with the tagline – Makeup that multitasks for you. It was about glamming up on the way.

Later, celebrities started featuring in its ads. One of the first few celebrities to be a part of MyGlamm’s marketing were Lisa Haydon in #TurnOnYourEyes campaign, then Sidharth Malhotra in #TestedonSid campaign and it onboarded Sonakshi Sinha to announce a launch of their product line. After actor Shraddha Kapoor’s investment in the brand, she also came onboard as MyGlamm’s first brand ambassador.

Last year, MyGlamm released about five advertising campaigns. This year, Aneja said that the beauty unicorn will be amping up its marketing activities. 

“You’ll see a lot more activity on the brand with newer communications; it is extremely important for us to give these brands massive scale in an omni-channel fashion, not just online but also offline.” 

Apart from its clean products, MyGlamm’s D2C channels are also its key pillar and the beauty conglomerate will continue to play to its strength.

“We want to continue being a pioneering brand on direct-to-consumer, that’s where we have a direct relationship with consumers,” said Aneja. 

Its second focus area in 2023 would be innovation in products, which come across price points.

“We’re really focused on having a strong innovation pipeline. We very recently launched a super serum-infused makeup line, which gives you SPF 50 in a BB cream.

We are aiming to democratize quality products so that consumers get value. We play across the price piano… because if use every single price point, you are ensuring that consumers get the best value for the money that they pay,” added Aneja.

The third biggest focus area, shared Aneja, is infusing the brand into popular culture. It has explored various reality shows to stay connected with today’s youth. MyGlamm was an official make-up partner for the reality show Bigg Boss. The idea was to build a community with its users, engaging with them, and eventually creating products with their insight.

MyGlamm was also looking to penetrate the Tier II, III and below cities and leverage the reach and traction across consumer segments provided by Bigg Boss. 

Aneja told us how the brand has benefited from its association with entertainment shows that has inspired new consumer behaviour trends. 

She said, “Not only have we done advertising but we’ve also tried to do deep content integration with Koffee With Karan and Bigg Boss. In Bigg Boss, we are allowing consumers to choose who’s going to be the MyGlamm face of the season. People are picking up the makeup trends from the show, and actually experiencing those products and sharing their own makeup trends inspired by contestants on Big Boss.”

How commerce acted as MyGlamm’s anchor

This year, MyGlamm’s media kit is slated to see a healthy mix of mediums.

“There’ll be a healthy mix of digital-first communication supported with TV wherever it’s relevant. We will be communicating in retail assets as well, because we have a fairly significant retail business,” said Aneja. 

As of now, MyGlamm has 735K followers on Instagram and 85.27K subscribers on YouTube, where the beauty brand shares makeup routines with celebrities and influencers.

On Instagram, apart from makeup trends, hacks and tips for its followers, MyGlamm mixes memes with beauty content to connect with consumers.

MyGlamm was also one of the most new-age active brands on television in 2022, as per Duff & Phelps, with ads that featured brand ambassador Shraddha Kapoor. 
It is also a part of The Good Glamm Group, which is a content-creator-commerce hub. Apart from its social media, MyGlamm comes from a parent company which has built loyal audience through its content. 

“It’s becoming increasingly more and more expensive to build new brands. What has been a game changer for us – because we have 200 million active users who are consuming our content platforms like POPxo, ScoopWhoop, BabyChakra, MissMalini – it allows us a chance to massively reduce our Customer Acqusition Cost (CAC), which is probably the lowest in the industry. That has become a very big scalable advantage for us as a group,” said Aneja. 

It was in 2022, which was a stepping stone for the conglomerate, that all of its organisations integrated together. The Good Glamm Group acquired 11 companies across content, commerce and beauty space and built its leadership team. 

Beauty Trends for 2023

Consumers are demanding clean, authentic and green products from beauty and FMCG brands. It can no longer be ignored. This change in consumer behaviour was especially accelerated and enhanced after the pandemic. 

Sharing a few beauty trends that Aneja foresees, she said, “Across beauty, omni-channel is becoming the way forward for everybody. No one can deny or not play across channels. Second, clean and transparent is massively on the rise where consumers are demanding more and more products that do good and are extremely safe to use. And thirdly, consumers are also really looking at benefits better goods which are slow and gradual versus transformative. There was an age where everybody wanted to have fairer skin, which was transformative beauty. Now, consumers, especially post-COVID, there’s a much greater impetus towards slow and gradual products that work from within.”

Story ahead for MyGlamm

MyGlamm was born in Mumbai by Priyanka Gill, Darpan Sanghvi, Naiyya Saggi in 2017 and in 2021, it became a part of the The Good Glamm Group. The entire network is now working on casting its net wider across South Asia. 

“We want to become South Asia’s largest digital beauty conglomerate, as the content of commerce company. Within that, we want to ensure that these brands have a lasting legacy and that they become very distinctive, and tomorrow have a global story to tell. So, one of our efforts is as we build relevance in India, we are also taking the baby steps to globalize and take these brands nationally,” said Aneja. 

With India at its heart, the beauty unicorn is now ‘glamming up’ for the world.