Adam Mosseri reveals areas of focus for Instagram in 2023

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The Instagram chief is pushing for unifying user experience by making changes to different modes of connecting, discovering new things and inspiring creativity.

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram has released a video sharing the key areas of focus for Instagram in 2023. The app has hit a new high with over 2 billion monthly user count in 2022. 

Its journey has seen it transforming from an authentic photo-sharing app to a video-sharing tool by replicating other social media apps. Users have seen a rise in monetization from reels, new added features including Instagram notes, personalized transparency and controls for advertisers and new ways for creators to make a living. 

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This year, Instagram will focus on three specific areas to help add value to users.

Inspire Creativity

According to Mosseri, there will be modifications made to the way creativity is explored on the app. Changes in the customization and editing tools might be possible with new filters added. Instagram’s parent company, Meta is working on building metaverse and could make use of the app to introduce creators to 3D visual tools. 

Discover New Things

There is a work-in-progress update to change the user algorithm and help users discover new creators, pages, and more based on their interests. This could mean that the platform wants to create a user feed where people can find new creators beyond the people they follow. 

Spark Connections

The third area of focus is on building connections and finding new ways to communicate with each other. The platform is working on adding new features and development so that users can express themselves based on their new interests. 

Adam Mosseri mentioned that more insights on the developments of Instagram will be revealed as the year goes by. 

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