Apple humorously displays the panic felt while unsending messages

Shamita Islur
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iPhone 14 ad campaign

Created by global agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab, the iPhone 14 ad campaign highlights Apple’s unsend messages feature using a hilarious incident.

All of us, at some point, have panicked when we realised that we accidentally sent a message we shouldn’t have. This relatable, nerve-wracking theme has been translated into Apple’s newest iPhone 14 ad campaign, conceptualised by creative partner TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

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The ad spot titled ‘R.I.P. Leon’ tells the story of a man anxiously looking for any signs of life in a supposedly dead pet lizard lying on its back. He opens the messaging app on his phone and gives the audience a glimpse of the thankful messages from the reptile’s owner. 

He then types a text message to the owner in question, implying that he messed up because the lizard named Leon is dead. Only for Leon to suddenly move which leads to the man hastily deleting the sent message. 

The ad spot hilariously sends the message that users can relax because iPhone 14 will easily help you unsend messages. 

Apple has been highlighting some of its distinct features as a selling point in its recent advertisements. This ad spot follows the route and delivers the message using a rather not-so-unique feature effectively. 

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