Co-marketing is a marketer’s delight: Sameer Seth

Sameer Seth

Dolby works with an ecosystem that covers creation to playback to delivery and that’s how the brand’s collaboration works, says Sameer Seth about the newest campaign.

Audio giant Dolby Atmos started its journey in India almost 10 years ago through the cinemas, where it was most known and heard of. Today, Dolby Atmos has seemingly integrated into the audience’s everyday lives through speakers, TVs and even in their cars. 

Last year, Dolby Atmos completed 10 years in India and launched a campaign celebrating this milestone. To commemorate the occasion, the brand launched a campaign ‘Friends of Dolby’ that showcased the want and needs of different consumer experiences. 

Through this campaign, the brand has been actively engaging with the audience across segments like music, gaming, movies and more. 

Dolby’s old campaign, louder cheer this year

Following this campaign, this year Dolby Atmos has launched a new consumer campaign ‘Dolby main Suna aur Dekha Kya’ that educates consumers about the Dolby difference available on mobile, on audio wearables or in the living room. The campaign is based on insight – if you haven’t seen or heard it in Dolby, you’ve missed out on the complete experience.

With its latest campaign, the brand showcases the wide range of TG the brand aims to cater to. From different age groups and specific interest areas, Dolby has tried reaching into distinctive demographics. 

Speaking on how the brand caters to different age groups, Sameer Seth, Director, Marketing – India at Dolby Laboratories says, “We, as a brand, try connecting with the different audience sets using the passion they have.”

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He further explains that through its latest campaign, the brand has tried to identify the passion that the cohort has and create an experience around it. He also added that Dolby is a brand that doesn’t limit to a certain group of people but aims at cutting through and across the TG. 

Co-marketing to cast a wider net

Recently, many brands have been collaborating with other brands to leverage each other’s strengths. Dolby has been associating with multiple brands to widen its reach. For its latest campaign, Dolby has collaborated with brands like Xiaomi, Realme, Samsung, LG and Sony, yapping onto mobile phones, TVs, gaming devices and more. 

Speaking on how the brand leverages co-marketing to connect with the audience, Seth says that co-marketing brands can open up newer channels that their partner brand brings to the table. 

He further points out how through co-marketing, like-minded brands can come together to better serve the audience, and that is what Dolby aims to continue in the future. 

Dolby has made its way into OTT and regional platforms as well where the brand works with Netflix,  Prime Video, DisneyPlus Hotstar, SunNext and Hoichoi. Additionally, they have also partnered with music streaming services and gaming channels as well.

In the future, Dolby intends to continue to build on its new campaign and leverage co-marketing to expand its reach further.