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Fevicol invited the audience to participate in an engagement activity by reviving an older ad, using Instagram's AI. The campaign garnered an engagement of over 6.1 lakhs.

This case study takes a look at how Fevicol recreated its old ad 'Tug of War,' giving it a digital spin and starting a User Generated Campaign (UGC) through Instagram's new Reel format.

Category Introduction

In India, the Adhesive & Sealants market was said to be valued at $1,100 Million in 2021. It is further expected to only rise with a growth rate of 8% compounded annually over the next 5 years. Primary factors that drive the market include growing demand from the packaging industry and the evolving construction industry in the country.

With Pidilite comfortably leading the race in the industry to be the biggest brand, it is followed by H. B, and further followed by the Arkema Group. 

Brand Introduction

Being a trusted brand of adhesives for over 50 years, Fevicol provides a range of innovative products that has transformed the way carpentry works in India and has made the art of woodwork simpler. 

Their objective on social media is to spread awareness about their products and to engage and leverage everyday conversations to increase its relatability factor.


Tug of War is a game played by many but won only by a few. We’ve seen it at birthday parties, on a Sunday morning at the beach and even at family outings! Owing to this popular insight, the brand decided to play the game with everyone on Instagram but with a twist! They tied a rope to the Fevicol container and let the rope be stretched out of the frame on the right and then got users to use a new feature for reels - remix.

Their remixed reels were added to the right where they were seen to be tugging on a rope. Thanks to the UI, it seemed like the two ropes were connected and the users were pulling on a rope tied to the Fevicol container, which obviously wouldn’t move! The brand also used the “jor laga ke haisha” audio which was used in Fevicol’s first-ever TVC.

The reel reinforced the idea of Fevicol’s “majboot jod” in a way that stuck! 

Everyone joined in to try and win but none could! Even Saurabh Ghadge, a popular creator tried his hand at it and failed too!


The key objective of the campaign was to use one of the popular features on Instagram and at the same time, add a seamless and witty brand connect. It was also to recreate an older ad, but this time, make it more engaging and interactive to reach a wider audience.

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The brief was to create clutter-breaking content by using newer, more popular formats on Instagram in order to engage with & be more relatable to a larger audience. Since Fevicol had already started riding the reel wave, we had to do something bigger!

Creative Idea

The idea was to encourage people to use the remixing format on reels in a manner that they creatively engage with the reel, whether it’s playing on the other side or using a funny instance.


The main challenge was to get people to come up with the wittiest and quirkiest takes while taking part in the challenge. This was to ensure that everyone continues to showcase the tonality of the brand that had been built over the past 64 years. To do so, Fevicol got the quirkiest content creator to kick off the campaign. The brand then gave a shout-out to those that continued the trend in the funniest ways possible. This helped get people to join in with the same tonality and ride the wave further!


Instagram reels are very popular on the platform and people often find themselves scrolling for hours. When a new format of remixes was introduced that enabled people to repost an original reel with their own take on it, the team decided to come up with a creative and funny reel challenge. The inspiration for this was drawn from an older tug-of-war ad by the brand that symbolised their strong bond. 

After huddling up and brainstorming for a unique challenge, Schbang's team, which created and conceptualised this campaign, cracked a simple, yet funny reel that would aptly convey the strength of the brand. The main reel showed a rope attached to a Fevicol container that was being pulled. Content creators on Instagram were challenged to try and beat Fevicol or add their own unique take to it. As soon as the campaign went live, the brand reached out to Saurabh Ghadge to participate in this as well!

To further encourage more people to take part in this challenge, Fevicol collaborated with Viral Fission, through which various young adults tried their best to win against Fevicol but to no avail! The reel was posted on Instagram where hundreds of people took part in the challenge and shared their witty take to it.


The reel was instantly engaged with, where it eventually reached out to over 1.8 million people and garnered an engagement of over 6.1 lakhs. It also received 408 comments, 1.3K shares and 179 saves. Further, there were 350 remixes created, out of which 130 were organic.

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