Doritos Mexico proves Love is Love with LGBTQIA+ Valentine's Day campaign

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Doritos Mexico

Titled ‘Bold Love’, it shows the celebration of love beyond barriers by highlighting the stigma surrounding the LGBTQIA+ community even today.

Doritos Mexico shows that love conquers all in its latest Valentine's Day campaign titled ‘Bold Love’ with creative agency Slap Global and director Felix Fernandez de Castro from Story We produce, a production company.

The fifth instalment in its #OrgulloTodoElAño (Pride all year) platform captures the realities LGBTQIA+ community go through everyday. It is designed to give visibility to the community, beyond Pride month.

The video begins with two women interlocking hands on a late-night road trip as the conversation steers towards their future together.

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Snacking on the brand’s chips, the couple expresses their love for each other with poetic declarations of ‘I would lower that moon and stars for you.' This is followed by them talking about openly loving each other and marrying one another despite the stigma.

The ad ends with some heart-breaking statistics about LGBTQIA+ discrimination and how 76% of the community avoids showing signs of affection in public. The data comes from the Survey on Discrimination for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity reasons.

This makes for a simple ‘defiant’ message - love conquers all, despite discrimination and makes for a heartwarming love story.

Same-sex marriage has been recognised nationally across Mexico since last year. However, family-building opportunities like adoption by same-sex couples and surrogacy access are still pending.

Through this campaign, Doritos seeks to connect and amplify the voice of the community through important values, seeking to promote positive change in the world. 

The viral campaign by the brand began in December 2021 with 'The Best Gift', which was followed by ‘Mother's Day’, ‘Day of the Dead’, and ‘Father's Day’.

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