Match made on social media: How a viral Tweet got Shubman Gill to swipe right on Tinder

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Tinder and Twitter-verse helped a fan deliver her message to Shubman Gill, pushing him to create a dating profile. This is how it went down.

Shubman Gill has become a fan-favourite among cricket lovers in a short span of time. Recently, this love for the cricketer was witnessed during the third T20 match against New Zealand at Ahmedabad, when a fan was seen holding a banner which read, “Tinder, Shubman se match kara do.”

The cheeky message was shared by a user on Twitter who tagged Tinder to help out the fan. In no time, this Tweet went viral with the original post gaining 700K+ views.

And like any other Twitter chatter, users were quick to chime in on this as well. Many were seen making memes on the original tweet, others were seen adding their own rendition to the Tweet and in the process, asking Tinder and the internet to do its magic. 

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This chatter finally landed the viral tweet on Tinder India’s official Twitter account, where the platform acted like matchmaker Sima Taparia and asked Shubman to comment on it. 

To gain Shubhman’s attention on this, Tinder took this simple fan-love moment to billboards across Nagpur (as seen on Tinder’s Instagram page). Fellow cricketer, Umesh Yadav participated by pointing out that the whole city is keen on uniting Shubman with his fan.

Two days after the billboards went live, the message reached its receiver. In an Ad with Tinder, Shubman took to Twitter to reveal his official Tinder profile. The Tweet read, “Dekh toh liya, ab tum dekho theek se. @Tinder_India made me do it.” (I saw the billboards and now you can check out my Tinder profile too) 

Recently, many brands have been using OOH as their medium for meme marketing. Last month, Zomato and Blinkit’s billboard became a viral trend, where brands across the country were seen following the trend and giving it their own touch. 

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