LinkedIn launches Relationship Manager for B2B sellers to find the right match

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LinkedIn Relationship Explorer

As virtual selling and sales technology become essential to business growth, LinkedIn has announced a new ‘Relationship Explorer’ feature within the deep sales platform, Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn's new Relationship Explorer aims to help B2B sellers uncover allies, find warm paths, and build relationships with multiple buyers based on insights that are otherwise hidden, to effectively grow their business.

Indian sellers identify incomplete data (46%) and inaccurate CRM data (38%) as their biggest data challenges today. Additionally, 84% of them say they have seen a deal lost or delayed in the past year by a decision maker changing roles as per LinkedIn data. Amid these challenges, LinkedIn Sales Navigator intends to aid organizations in seeking deeper relationship intelligence. According to LinkedIn data, Indian sellers using the deep sales platform have achieved a 256% increase in director-level plus connections compared to non-users. 

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Abhai Singh, Head of Sales Solution, India at LinkedIn said, “We are witnessing a shift in how, when, and why buyers want to be engaged and that’s pushing organizations to evolve how they approach selling. B2B sellers must move away from ‘spam cannon’ techniques and reach out to targets with a more personalized approach. With Relationship Explorer, sellers can discover the right contacts at a target account, leverage powerful insights to take immediate action, and save time prospecting, cross-selling, and upselling – all of which will help them sell deeper, faster, and better.”

With Relationship Explorer, B2B sellers can:

  • Target the right people
  • Leverage LinkedIn’s powerful insights to take immediate action
  • Save time by shortening sales cycles and empowering every seller into a top performer/to build trusted relationships with buyers.

Other unique features within Sales Navigator include:

  • Sales Navigator Personas to identify ideal buyers at scale
  • Enhanced Buyer Intent capabilities to fetch you the right accounts to target
  • Improved Search capabilities, including  a new Product Category Intent filter, to cut through results quicker
  • Improved CRM Auto-Save capabilities to manage your book of business more effectively
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