From Swiggy to Maruti Suzuki, brands that made ad awareness gains during IPL 2022

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Ad Awareness gains during IPL

Ahead of the new season, YouGov data reveals the advertisers that noted upticks in Ad Awareness during the 2022 Indian Premier League.

Ahead of the 2023 IPL season, YouGov has released data showcasing the advertisers that made Ad Awareness gains during the Indian Premier League 2022.

According to the data from YouGov Global Fan Profiles, two-thirds of urban Indians describe the IPL as one of their top interests or say that they are somewhat interested in it (67%). For reference, this is markedly higher than the share of fans of the Premier League in the UK (30%), NFL fans in the US (39%) or the La Liga in Spain (50%).

YouGov BrandIndex Ad Awareness scores refer to the percentage of people who say they have seen an advert for a particular brand in the prior two weeks.

Among the select IPL 2022 sponsors we examine in this piece, Swiggy made the biggest upticks in Ad Awareness during the course of the IPL (Mar 26 to May 29, 2022) compared to the period immediately preceding the event (Jan 20 to Mar 25, 2022). Average Ad Awareness score for Swiggy rose 4.5 points to 59.3 among IPL fans during the IPL.

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Local automotive stalwart Maruti Suzuki saw a 4.3-point uptick in scores, while ecommerce giant Flipkart enjoyed a 4.2-point boost.

Swiggy’s campaign, which asked fans who they will watch the matches with, seemed to get fans talking. The popular food and grocery delivery brand received a three-point uptick in WOM Exposure scores, from 47.6 to 50.6. WOM Exposure reflects the share of people who have spoken about a brand with their friends and family.

Simultaneously, Consideration scores for the brand rose by nearly three points, from 45.1 to 48. Given the competitive nature of the duopolistic food delivery market in India, which Swiggy dominates alongside Zomato, any uptick in Consideration scores is noteworthy.

Methodology: YouGov examined data for select brands that advertised during the IPL 2022. Ad Awareness score is based on the question “Which of the following brands have you seen advertisements for in the last two weeks?” Metric is delivered as a percentage. Sample sizes range from 1,166 to 1,911 urban Indian adults depending on brand.

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