From 1947 to 2023, here's how Baskin Robbins' brand image has evolved in India

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Baskin Robbins rebranding

With this new makeover, the Baskin Robbins rebranding aims to increase affinity and loyalty among a younger generation of consumers as well. The logo was introduced globally last year, with India following recently.

With a flurry of Food and beverage brands introducing a new brand identity for the summer season, the ice cream brand Baskin Robbins has joined the rebranding bandwagon in India. With this new makeover, the brand aims to increase affinity and loyalty among a younger generation of consumers as well. 


This version of the logo has replaced its sharp lowercase typography with a capitalised softer curve and the brand colours of Seal Brown and Rose Bonbon. It has been designed to highlight the playful nature of the brand and to foster an inviting atmosphere. The brand's guarantee of 31 flavours — one for each day of the month — remains constant.

This number was added in the early 1950's, when Baskin Robbins had a logo with the encrypted ‘3’ and ‘1’ on the recommendation of Carson-Roberts Advertising. Despite the expansion of the assortment, it was decided not to change the emblem.

The brand took to unveiling the rebranding via a hot air balloon and taking it around Gateway of India in Mumbai. A tradition of sorts, the brand has previously also announced the logo rebranding at the Dubai Frame.

“We are beyond thrilled to showcase the new changes to our brand.  Our new logo represents a fresh and contemporary take on our iconic brand. It is part of a broader effort to revamp the Baskin Robbins brand, including enhancing its reach in the offline and online world, the introduction of fresh new products and services as well as improving the overall customer experience and engagement levels,” said Mohit Khattar, CEO, Baskin Robbins.

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Here's a recap of the Baskin Robbins logos throughout the years.


The debut version was built on the motto that promised a unique ice cream every day with the number 31. It was in a pink circle, and with the inscription “Baskin-Robbins ice cream.”



The company’s management thought about transforming the old logo to modernize it. Keeping up with the iconic 31, the solid circle was replaced with a half-ring.



This logo had an added curved shape to the letters and the colour palette had a brighter pink.

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