Pernod Ricard India’s #OneForOurPlanet campaign ft Katrina Kaif aims to reduce carbon footprint

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Pernod Ricard India

The brand aims to eliminate permanent mono-cartons from its packaging by June 2023, accelerating its global commitment to a sustainable future.

Pernod Ricard India (PRI) has introduced a campaign titled #OneForOurPlanet that aims to eliminate permanent mono-cartons from its packaging. The brand aims to achieve this by June 2023, as part of its environmental commitment.

The company has also released a video campaign to educate, spread the word and mobilize industry participation. The campaign also highlights how we can create a better tomorrow and encourages consumers to be a part of the brand's initiative. 

To further raise awareness, the brand  has on boarded Katrina Kaif as the face of the campaign. Kaif, apart from being a strong social currency, her presence brings a global reach for the brand and their efforts. 

PRI has also introduced recycled and recyclable neck tags, in several states, that redirect consumers to a micro-site created to educate on the #OneForOurPlanet initiative. The larger objective behind #OneForOurPlanet initiative is to fulfill its objective of contributing zero waste to landfills. 

This project is in line with the organization's sustainable packaging policy, which promotes a circular economy while reducing environmental impact of secondary packaging.

Talking about the initiative, Ranjeet Oak, Chief Commercial Officer, Pernod Ricard India, said, “At Pernod Ricard India, we are driven to make a difference to the planet. Expanding our sustainability agenda to create greater impact, this initiative is directed at reducing our carbon footprint across each step of the value chain – from grain to glass. This initiative also brings to light changing consumer sentiments around eco-conscious purchase patterns to drive adoption of the initiative across markets. We envision this initiative to become a larger movement and our stakeholders to turn into advocates by practicing and propagating eco-conscious consumption. We are happy to see some of our industry peers already joining the crusade.”

In an effort to contribute to a better future, Pernod Ricard India hopes that this project will reduce carbon emissions by 7310 tonnes annually, save 2.5 lakh trees, and reduce waste-to-landfill by 18745 tonnes. By 2030, the brand is positive to reduce cumulative packaging emissions by over 75,000 tonnes.

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