OWLED Media bags Atlan's design mandate

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Jul 18, 2023 03:56 IST
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OWLED Media created the designs for Atlan’s booth decor, panel designs, and standees for Atlan’s community party.

OWLED Media bagged Atlan’s design mandate for the Snowflake Summit 2023 held in Las Vegas. OWLED Media was on boarded for its creative and design expertise.

OWLED Media created the designs for Atlan’s booth decor, panel designs, and standees for Atlan’s community party.

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The OWLED media design team, which included Himanshu Singh, Shubhangi Saxena, Raghvi Rawat, and Ayush Wadhwa, worked on portraying Atlan’s brand identity as future forward and fun, a visual direction Atlan aims to represent. They focused on various design elements, including isolated elements, illustrations, and other flat components. The goal of the design was to create a human and futuristic aesthetic that was also enjoyable. OWLED Media, led by Himanshu Singh and his team of experts, successfully developed designs that meet both requirements, resulting in a successful event.

Commenting on this collaboration, Aritra S, who leads brand marketing and campaign strategy at Atlan, mentioned, “We are delighted to welcome OWLED as a valuable addition to our design team. The OWLED team demonstrated remarkable proficiency in adopting the Atlan brand language, collaborating closely with our team to bring the essence of the Atlan brand to life at the Snowflake Summit this year.”

Himanshu Singh, the lead designer on this project, spoke about his experience working on this project, “Working with Atlan was an exciting and extremely smooth process. The process involved meticulous planning from the initial stage to the final execution of designs, everything was handled with extreme detail and there was little to no scope of any confusion arising at any stage. A focus on creating a memorable experience for the visitors to the Atlan booth was crucial in bringing the design vision to life,”

Ayush Wadhwa, Founder of OWLED Media, speaking about their collaboration, said, “We had a great experience working together with Atlan, and one of our goals for our collaboration was to develop innovative design ideas for the company that will leverage the full spectrum of our creative capabilities and help Atlan communicate with their network fruitfully while also enjoying the Snowflake event beyond just corporate networking.”

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