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AI and HI

At the seventh edition of #SMLive, industry experts provide insights into the role of human capital, the need for relevance and relatability in AI-powered campaigns, and the importance of upskilling in an AI-driven world.

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked discussions about its potential impact on various industries, including marketing and digital communications. To understand how can AI enhance human intelligence (HI), in a panel discussion at #SMLive 2023, industry experts explored the evolving relationship between AI and HI and how they can collaborate to shape the future of digital marketing. 

The Panelists

The Need for Human Element

As per Mirchandani, when it comes to human capital, the best interaction between humans is 'human to human.'

He pointed out that during the hiring process, artificial intelligence can keep parameters that match the profile but the human element will be needed in evaluating someone's suitability for a role, such as being a team player, having good collaboration skills, being open to suggestions, and observing how individuals react and respond in different situations. Mirchandani believes that these aspects require human judgment and cannot be accurately assessed by relying solely on AI.

He believes that human capital is at the core of organizations, and understanding human desires and passions is something AI may struggle to replicate fully.

He said, “There are two words in AI and a lot of people are focusing on the intelligence side. Very few people are actually focusing on the artificial side. Especially in recruitment, you want people to understand the desires to understand their passions, that's something artificial intelligence is never going to be able to do.”

However, he also states that AI can be leveraged to automate repetitive tasks and improve productivity. 

“The differences will come in where you need to use AI and where we don't need to use AI,” he said.

Bridging the Gap between Humans and Robots 

Highlighting the misconception that technology aims to replace human interaction, Bhansali explained that technology works best when it scales human connection and potential.

Humans have this immediate knee jerk reaction whenever something big happens in tech, we think it's going to remove something else we already do. 

Siddharth Bhansali

To further explain it, he drew parallels with past technological advancements like television and telephones. He explained that with the emergence of television, real-life acting and theater did not stop. Similarly, with the advent of the telephone, people did not stop talking to each other. And even with the rise of messaging platforms like WhatsApp, traditional phone calls were not completely abandoned.

Bhansali finds it peculiar that when examining the relationship between human intelligence and artificial intelligence, many people immediately jump to the question of whether AI will replace humans altogether.

He said, “It is not going to replace humans. It is going to replace certain aspects of what we do, so that we can focus on those activities that allow us to be more present as human beings.”

He believes that the combination of AI and HI can make interactions better, help people connect more deeply, and give a feeling of being truly involved and understood.

“When you're able to take artificial intelligence and add human personality to it, there's some magic that can happen. It makes the other person feel like they're not just talking to a robot that is giving overly generalized responses. But it's a robot that is opinionated enough to engage with you on a matter on a topic you deeply care about.”

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AI is an Ally

To fully harness the potential of AI, Mirchandani believes organizations and individuals must view it as an ally rather than a replacement.

He explained that the first step is to embrace AI as a valuable ally rather than viewing it as a threat. It is important to recognize the power of AI tools such as Jasper for content marketing and neural text for SEO. 

Mirchandani finds the idea that these tools can completely replace human involvement misleading. 

He said, “I think one selling point that they are addressing, which I don't agree with, is that you don't need people. They're trying to make that as a selling point of replacement because that's their selling story in a way.”

He explains that there is an AI revolution but that doesn't mean it's going to replace humans.

I think people have to upskill. These tools are here to stay. You can't get away from it. 

Karan Mirchandani

As per Bhansali, it is important to have an honest conversation about the impact of AI on job functions and roles, particularly those that involve repetitive tasks and parameter modifications. 

He believes these roles are more likely to be affected and may face displacement as AI technology advances. He explains that managing this displacement becomes an organizational challenge that requires proactive strategies and thoughtful planning. 

He said, “If you get four hours back of some people's time, it's up to you as a manager, or as the founder of a company to figure out what to do with those extra four hours.”

Final Takeaway

The evolving relationship between AI and HI has great potential for shaping the future of marketing. Ergo, when both these strengths are combined, marketers can create campaigns that are relevant, relatable, and personalized, helping to build strong connections with consumers. 

As AI technology advances, panelists discussed how organizations and individuals need to stay on their toes, ready to embrace it. However, amidst the AI hype, marketers should not forget the special value that HI brings to the marketing world. 

Embracing the power of AI while cherishing the wit and wisdom that only HI can offer is the key in this marketing world!

This session was moderated by Suveer Bajaj at the 7th edition of #SMLive, Social Samosa’s marquee virtual conference, organised on World Social Media Day.

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