Britannia pays tribute to India’s living freedom fighters with its AI-led ‘1947% More History’ Campaign

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Britannia's 1947% more history

The campaign uses Generative AI technology to bring forth visuals of the freedom movement and the Independence era. The real life freedom fighters give an account of their own stories in the ad film.

This Independence day, Britannia has come up with its ‘1947% More History’ campaign in an attempt to pay homage to an entire generation of freedom fighters and to the very few we have living amongst us today. 

The campaign uses technology to inventively unpack itself using Britannia packs as its medium. The stories are shared through augmented reality on the packs of its more popular brands like Britannia Breads, Good Day, Marie Gold, Milk Bikis and Winkin’ Cow beverages.

It has been said that people would be able to listen to the stories of a few of India’s last living freedom fighters, directly from them, on the Britannia packs. By clicking on people would be able enjoy the experience through Augmented Reality.

‘1947% More History’ captures the essence of Britannia's commitment to India’s collective history, society, and rich heritage. The campaign tells the stories of 5 nonagenarians from across the country- Shrimati Leela tai, Lt. Asha Sahay, Lt. R Madhavan, Lakshmi Krishnan Agvl. & Shri Gour Hari Das.

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The campaign film uses Generative AI technology to portray rich visuals of the freedom movement and recreate the younger profiles of the 5 protagonist freedom fighters whose stories have been told by themselves.

Generative AI technology has been used to produce the campaign film in order to depict the rich visuals of the freedom movement and recreate younger profiles of the 5 freedom fighter protagonists whose stories have been narrated by themselves. 

Talking about the campaign, Amit Doshi, CMO, Britannia Industries Ltd. said, “As one of India’s centurion companies, we feel proud of our history that witnessed the birth of India’s freedom and further followed its incredible rise to becoming an economic superpower. As a company with a 106 year old heritage, it is our privilege to bring alive some incredible stories of how our freedom was won, and we decided to use technology to do so through our packs.”

He further added, “These inspiring stories of India’s few living freedom fighters, come alive through an AR experience that can be triggered with a range of Britannia products found in every home. History is in our fridge, our kitchen shelves, and now we’ll hear it speak to us. By celebrating these heroes, we unite around the power of resilience, compassion, and courage. This campaign is not just about history; it's about understanding our identity and cherishing the values that define us as a nation.

Binaifer Dulani, Founder and Creative, Talented, said, "For many of us, Independence Day is yet another day to drown in a barrage of offers and get 40, 50, 60% more. Britannia, a brand that has been witness to India's freedom struggle and incredible journey since then, decided to break the mould and offer something unique instead. Through '1947% more history 'Britannia packs, which find themselves in a billion Indian households, will now unpack untold stories of India's last few living freedom fighters - with a little help from AI and AR. The fact that we used technology of the future as a window to the past felt like poetic justice."

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