Duroflex's new campaign with Virat Kohli highlights the power of Great Sleep for a long and healthy life

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Duroflex’s new campaign

In Duroflex’s new campaign, Virat Kohli shares G.O.A.T. tips to achieve ‘Great Sleep, Great Health.’ It is conceptualised by Tilt Brand Solutions.

Duroflex, a sleep solutions provider, has launched its latest ad film starring their brand ambassador Virat Kohli, who showcases their research-backed mattresses. The campaign revolves around the theme of #GreatSleepGreatHealth, emphasizing the significant role of quality sleep in fostering an active lifestyle at any stage of life.

In the initial TV commercial, Kohli's voice-over encourages viewers to embrace an active lifestyle throughout the years, be it through trekking in the Himalayas or triumphing over neighborhood kids in a game of badminton. The underlying message is clear: sound sleep is essential for good health and an active lifestyle.

In the second TVC, Kohli begins by recounting several health tips he has received from his family over the years. These include drinking hot water with lemon, as suggested by his diet coach, engaging in brisk walking as advised by his uncle, and consuming desi ghee as recommended by his grandma. The TVC concludes with Kohli sharing the one health tip he wholeheartedly believes in and stands by – getting 8 hours of great sleep.

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The campaign is live on all digital platforms. 

Speaking about the campaign, Duroflex brand ambassador Virat Kohli said " When we talk about health and fitness, the most important thing about which the conversations still happen is, it’s not just about what you do in the gym and how well you train; It's always about the lifestyle. The key topic when it comes to lifestyle is sleep. It is important to get a healthy eight hours of sleep for your body to respond to the training and a good diet. I sleep really well and I sleep for long periods so it helps me recover, and it is the most important aspect of physical health as well as mental health.”

Mohanraj Jagannivasan, Chief Executive Officer, Duroflex added, “Our latest campaign sees imaginative storytelling take centre stage, presenting our brand ambassador and cricketer, Virat Kohli, in a new avatar. With his unmatched charisma and charm, Virat elevates the captivating TVC and takes it notches higher. The core objective of this campaign goes beyond mere entertainment; it is a celebration of the joys derived from leading an active lifestyle, all made possible through the foundation of restful sleep. We take immense pride in showcasing this creative TVC that seamlessly blends the art of good sleep with the pleasures of an energetic life”.

The campaign is conceptualised by Tilt Brand Solutions; Adarsh Atal, Chief Creative Officer, Tilt Brand Solutions adds, “We wanted to create a crisp video which encapsulates the essence of our messaging; the importance of sleep in one’s life. We have captured how Duroflex is instrumental in delivering these fundamental needs and strengthening their consumers to power through the day with India’s fitness icon - Virat Kohli.”

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