Google pays tribute to Sridevi with a doodle and influencer collabs

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Google Doodle Sridevi

Google doodle celebrates Sridevi's life, walking us through the memory of the late actress' achievements. It also collaborates with influencers to remember her.

Search engine giant Google has dedicated its doodle to Sridevi to remember her achievements throughout her life on her birthday, August 14.

The iconic Google Doodles usually extend from the search engine’s digital page to the social presence. While remembering Sridevi too, Google dispensed an elaborate social media strategy.

To begin with, Google shared the making of the doodle on social media, which was designed by digital creator Bhumika Mukherjee.

The strategy further involved creating a hashtag #ASrideviMoment and asking creators to share their favourite fan moment with the legend.

Continuing their tribute, Google collaborated with digital creators across various segments such as Komal Pandey, Ankita Sahigal, Sucharita Tyagi, Mithila Palkar, Shehzaan Khan and more.

Sridevi has made her mark in the Indian film industry by giving four decades of her life and making more than 300 movies. Sridevi has had a successful career throughout different regional cinemas including Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and Malayalam. She was graced with the Padma Shri award (2013) for her achievement in Cinema and was voted as the 'India's Greatest Actress in 100 Years' in a CNN poll.

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She was a strong female presence in an overtly male dominating industry for four decades while incessantly churning out brilliant movies and remains to be an inspiration for actresses even today. She is beloved due to her wide range in performances. She signifies how an actress can become a 'superstar' and sell movies and that people will buy tickets to watch her on the silver screen.

Sridevi had the 'X' factor that very few performers do, differentiating her from the crowd. 

Google Doodle sridevi