McDonald's looks back on its role in pop culture in new ad

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as featured in meal

McDonald's 'As Featured In Meal' campaign celebrates its success and walks the audience through the years of its collaboration with iconic movies and TV shows.

In a new global campaign, food chain McDonald's is cleverly talking about its role in pop culture, discussing the various organic placement that the brand has seen in movies and series over the years.

Titled 'As Featured In Meal' campaign, the brand walks us down memory lane showing us a montage of scenes from famous movies, anime, television shows where a McDonald's order was featured. The campaign begins with a McDonald's employee taking the order and spans through characters in these movies and shows placing their order. This campaign presents itself like a photo album with scenes strung together.

The campaign mentions anime, movies, TV shows and music videos such as The Office, Friends, Fallen Angels, The Fifth Element, Seinfeld, The Devil Is A Part-Timer, and more. It reminisces about the brand's memories of collaboration with them and flows seamlessly through the scenes cracking a joke on how these scenes are featured in the meal instead of the other way around.

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The brand also dropped a new meal that highlights iconic McDonald's menu items featured in film, TV, and music over the years which is now available in more than 100 countries.

As featured in meal

The new meal comes as the chain promotes its collaboration with the second season of Marvel Studios' 'Loki'.

The meal also co-stars exclusive merchandise and new content.

As featured in meal

Furthermore, customers can scan the Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce lid on Snapchat and get access to custom content developed by Marvel Studios exclusively for McDonald’s fans. New content will be available weekly throughout the promo.

As featured in meal

The brand is transporting a Brooklyn McDonald's (6620 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, NY) back to 1982 with McDonald's memorabilia from the era to further immerse the fans into the multiverse of Marvel Studios' 'Loki Season 2'.

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