Lowe Lintas sends four entries to Cannes Lions 2024

The four campaigns sent by Lowe Lintas to Cannes 2024 will compete in various categories, under the umbrella of Health & Wellness and more.

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The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2024 is fast approaching. Held from June 17 to 21 in the city of Cannes, France, it serves as a global platform that celebrates impactful campaigns. The festival offers a prime opportunity to showcase groundbreaking work, gain insights from industry leaders around the world and connect with them.

Agencies have finalised and submitted their most innovative projects, all aiming for the Cannes Lions trophies. Lowe Lintas is among the participants, entering four campaigns in various categories that highlight their creative execution and use of technology.

Britannia NutriPlus app

This is the story of how a health biscuit brand, Britannia NutriChoice came up with a mobile-based solution, NutriPlus app, that empowered Indians to measure health in the most holistic manner and breaking a long-held notion that being physically fit is equal to being healthy. The app saw its launch in July 2023

Explaining the rationale behind the campaign, Vasudha Misra, Regional Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas told Social Samosa, “Britannia NutriChoice has been well aware of the growing health crisis in India. The significant rise in lifestyle diseases like Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease is alarming. So, this cookie made it its mission to better the health stats of India by creating a singular health metric that anyone and everyone could access just with their smartphones.

In an era of highly intelligent wearable tech, NutriPlus’ choice to use the smartphone to make the usage of this complex and sophisticated app simple for such a diverse country, makes this campaign apposite for the categories of ‘Use of Mobile’ and ‘Use of Tech’ under the umbrella of Health & Wellness.”

The campaign was introduced by changing all the Britannia NutriChoice packaging to carry the NutriPlus QR code. 

Misra shared insights on the execution. She said, “Post the introduction of the campaign, we led with a digital video commercial to break the myth of healthy being a fit body type and flooded the internet with our message ‘SCORE YOUR HEALTH’. Alongside a DVC we chose social media and performance marketing as our media.”

The campaign garnered acquisition and activation of new users, measured by app install and activation rate, demonstrated sign-ins, highlighting the app's intrinsic value with 50,000+ downloads to date.

Existing users have witnessed significant improvement in health-related metrics.  

The Avg. Nutri+ Score has improved from 58 to 62.  

The Avg. Daily Exercise Time has improved from 9 minutes to 14 minutes.  

The Avg. Daily Sleep Time has improved from 6 hours 40 minutes to 6 hours 51 minutes

And the Avg. Daily Step Count has improved from 4,358 to 4,876, an increase of 12%.

The ‘General Trade’ channel has experienced a 500 BPS increase in share since the app's launch, indicating improved reach and penetration.

Brand consideration scores have improved by 3 ppts to 39%.  

Key ‘Imagery Statement Scores’ have seen improvement by a minimum of 10 ppts.

Lifebuoy Gift of the Ganga

According to a recent UNICEF Report, around 818 million children in the world lack basic hand washing facilities at their schools, which puts them at increased risk of COVID-19 and other transmittable diseases. Furthering its global mission to improve handwashing behaviour especially amongst children, Hindustan Unilever Limited’s hygiene soap brand, Lifebuoy kicked-off the virtual hygiene drive in the Metaverse - Gift of the Ganga.  

This Minecraft build aimed to turn germ-breeding pollution into germ-protection, thereby turning pollution that is bad into germ protection that is good. On ‘Gift of the Ganga’, gamers were invited to fish out plastic pollution from the mighty river recreated in the metaverse. In exchange, Lifebuoy would clear an equivalent and more amount from the actual river.  

The objective of the campaign was to educate people from all walks of life on disease prevention, leveraging the power of technology to spread the message about the importance of hygiene online, while also highlighting the importance of waste segregation and its upcycling potential on-ground. 

Sarvesh Raikar, Regional Creative Officer, Lowe Lintas, said, “The creative brief was to engage newer audiences, using newer mediums and an all-new tone of voice. No sob stories, no shaming, no threats – make Lifebuoy’s purpose fun and exciting for all to partake in.”

The execution of this campaign was no small feat. “From recreating the Ganga ghat in Minecraft to involving gaming influencers to actually make the game interesting,” Raikar said. “Building levels and stages that give the audience the real thrill of playing a game and not an enforced responsibility to do your bit for the environment - collect plastic.

And the response? Raikar shared that the campaign generated instant PR buzz, featured in various national and international media. Within just seven days, the effort had collected enough plastic to provide handwashing facilities to over 100,000 students. Plus, it sparked a significant increase in brand love, particularly among Gen Z.

Apart from these two campaigns, Lowe Lintas is entering two more campaigns.

Pepsodent Strange rewards

According to the Oral Health Observatory, Indians are the world’s largest consumers of sugary food — both in quantity and frequency. The most popular sweetener in the world, sugar, was invented in India. Needless to say, most Indians have a sweet tooth. There are literally thousands of sweet recipes across cultures that are still intrinsic to Indian rituals and traditions from ancient times.  

The frequent use of sweets however, has led to 70% of Indian children having been affected by tooth decay at some point in their childhood. The oral health category has historically focused on habit-building to promote products designed for brushing twice daily. Communications are thus used as a tool to tell consumers WHAT to do, rather than to educate about WHY.

Pepsodent wanted to change this. The focus therefore was to champion good oral hygiene with the right products, as the key to protecting children from cavities - so the unavoidable sweets are not harmful. The strategic implication of the insight meant that Pepsodent should reframe what sweets mean, so that Indian consumers understand that sweets are double-edged swords that can lead to cavities.

Tetley #everyBODYcan

Being fit isn’t only about looking fit. In a world ruled by judgement of what body types can and can’t do, Tetley Green Tea Immune took a new stand of #everyBODYcan.

With this campaign Tetley set out to challenge the idea of what ‘fit’ looks like. Tetley believes and celebrates that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. They aimed to start a movement to stretch and lift the definition of fitness. Take the power of your inner potential and go beyond the surface of what the idea of fitness is.

MY BODY CAN, YOUR BODY CAN. #everyBODYcan became a war cry for this refreshing take on fitness.

This will be Misra’s first visit to Cannes, and she is determined to make the most of this experience.

Reflecting on how far the advertising industry has come and speaking about creativity and the future of advertising, Misra adds, “I believe, from the era of execution is king, it’ll go back to the power of an idea. More because technology is helping execution become better, cheaper, and more accessible and what’ll separate work will be the idea.”

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