SoCheers sends three Amazon miniTV campaigns to Cannes Lions 2024

The three campaigns sent by SoCheers aim to compete in various categories.

Sneha Medda
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SoCheers Cannes Lions

SoCheers is sending three campaigns at Cannes Lions 2024, all for Amazon miniTV. The campaigns include "Badtameez Dil," "Hunter: Tootega Nahi Todega," and "Half CA - ITR." These campaigns will compete in the following categories:

  • Audience Targeting and Engagement Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Purpose
  • Listening and Insight

Badtameez Dil - Karan Badtameez Hai

Amazon miniTV was set to launch their show, ‘Badtameez Dil,’ and SoCheers' idea was to create enough noise around the trailer and drive people to experience the story of the series while enabling them to make the decision of watching the show on the service eventually. 

To make sure the world took notice of this unconventional love story, the agency attempted to approach it differently. Instead of playing on the storyline of the series, miniTV built up Karan's character on the internet. 

Everyone knows a ‘Karan,’ because of the popularity of the name in the 90s. Based on this idea, the campaign was born.

This campaign ignited a national conversation, not around celebrities or politics, but around the common name "Karan." Leveraging the insight that "Karan" is one of the most common names in India, we used creative content and influencers to spread the quirky message "Karan Badtameez Hai," the name of the show's protagonist. 


This campaign became a top Google search and showcased massive community engagement. Smashing expectations, it reached over 35 million on social media within a week, with over 7 million engagements. Over 172,000 "Karans" were tagged, sparking hilarious online conversations and a wave of memes.

Half CA - ITR

As the tax season was in full swing, and Indians were busy crunching numbers to file their tax returns and to emphasise the importance of timely ITR filing, Amazon miniTV partnered with Cleartax to spread awareness through their newly released web series, "Half CA."

Amazon miniTV leveraged their lead actress, Ahsaas Channa, an actor and influencer, to deliver personalized tax filing reminders to Indian taxpayers, helping them avoid missing the tax filing deadline. 

Leveraging the topical event while contextually linking it to the show's theme, combined with a strong execution idea, led to a unique reach of over 250 million and 350+ million views.

Hunter: Tootega Nahi Todega

This campaign strategically leveraged third-party platforms while promoting the action-thriller show on a platform typically known for rom-coms. Bypassing traditional media, we targeted piracy hubs on Telegram and Torrent sites, disrupting viewers seeking free content by featuring the popular actor and film producer, Suniel Shetty (the show's protagonist). 

This surprise tactic drove viewers to the brand's free content library, achieving the campaign's objectives, and garnering 675K+ engagements and 19.4M+ views. 

Rajni Daswani, Director - Digital Marketing, SoCheers said, “India is topping charts across industries and developing at a rapid pace. Advertising is following suit, taking Indian content to global audiences through technology and digital avenues. Several Indian brands and advertising agencies are achieving massive results and nominating their work at international festivals to showcase their potential. India's success in these festivals is on the rise.”

SoCheers Cannes Lions 2024 Badtameez Dil Hunter: Tootega Nahi Todega Half CA