Exclusive: Ethinos Digital Marketing partners with Pixelated Egg to expand brand communications

Dakshin Adyanthaya, founder of Pixelated Egg, speaks to Social Samosa as he joins as the Co-founder of the newly established Brand Communications division.  He further shares operational changes expected, synergies that agencies will be bringing under one umbrella and more.

Karuna Sharma
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Ethinos Digital Ventures

In a strategic move, Ethinos Digital Marketing has announced its partnership with Pixelated Egg Digital Ventures.  

This collaboration brings together Ethinos's expertise in media performance, omnichannel, data-driven, and B2B marketing with the social media prowess of Pixelated Egg, strengthening the brand communications for clients. 

The union is set to beef up Ethinos's end-to-end digital marketing solutions, positioning the company to better serve its extensive clientele across India and Australia.  

Dakshin Adyanthaya, Founder of Pixelated Egg, joins as the Co-founder of the newly established Brand Communications division.  

Under his leadership, this department will focus on offering creative-led services including snackable video and audio content, influencer marketing, and AR/VR and Web3 solutions. 

Speaking about the new Co-founder helming the agency, Brijesh Munyal, CEO & Co-founder of Ethinos, says, "Dakshin Adyanthaya's innovative leadership is pivotal as we advance our mission to deliver outstanding digital experiences that integrate creative, media, and technology." 

As the next chapter begins, Dakshin Adyanthaya says, "Having known Ethinos's leadership team for years, collaborating with the best brands in the country and witnessing their global impact, I am excited to spearhead their creative pivot across verticals, for all our brands and partners.

In an exclusive conversation with Social Samosa, Adyanthaya further shared the roadmap ahead.

Edited Excerpts:

What was the primary objective behind partnering with Pixelated Egg?  

Today, we are one of the leading credible digital marketing agencies and specialize in media performance, omni-channel marketing, data-driven marketing, and B2B marketing. The primary objective behind this for Ethinos was to foster its creative and communication skills and merging with Pixelated Egg— a six-year-old boutique agency known for innovative social media strategies — it perfectly aligns with this ambition. 

Why did you choose Pixelated Egg, and what skills will this partnership add to your organization?  

Pixelated Egg brings a fresh, creative approach and deep expertise in new media, which complements our extensive experience in AI-based and data-driven marketing. Their proficiency in social media, AR/VR, and influencer marketing is especially valuable. 

What synergies do you see between Ethinos and Pixelated Egg?  

Both companies share a commitment to digital excellence and customerfocused solutions. This partnership will enhance our capabilities in creative strategy, technological innovation, and brand communication. 

Could you provide details regarding the equity involved in this partnership and describe the integration process?  

While the specifics of the equity are confidential, our integration process is built on a longstanding relationship between Dakshin and us (Ben, Siddharth and I), facilitating a seamless union of services and teams. When the opportunity came right for both entities to create a new amalgamation of services and credibility, it was a smooth conversation to mutual agreement. 

What significant operational changes do you anticipate post-merger?  

We plan to operate as a unified group to streamline services and expand our Brand Communications department. This growth will involve evolving roles to align with our new combined strategic objectives. The team now grows to a 55 member team from 30 members.

How will this merger help in acquiring new clients? What are the evolving expectations of clients today?   

This merger not only attracts new clients but also revives our offerings to existing clients by integrating more diverse and technologically advanced services. Clients these days expect fully integrated, seamless digital solutions, which we are better positioned to provide.

What factors are driving the trend of mergers and acquisitions in the Indian advertising landscape?  

The trend is driven by agencies' needs to offer broader and more integrated services. As creative, media and technology advances, the role of agencies rapidly evolves to stay competitive. 

How has Ethinos grown year-on-year, and how will this recent partnership bolster its market position?  

Ethinos has consistently grown each year, and this partnership will further enhance our market position by broadening capabilities in India and Beyond. 

Are there plans for future acquisitions?  

Yes, we are open to future opportunities that align with our strategic ambitions, particularly those that will allow us to expand global footprint. 

What does the roadmap look like for Ethinos, and what are your short-term and long-term goals?  

Ethinos aims to lead in innovative digital marketing solutions. Our immediate focus is on smoothly integrating our new expertise, while our long-term vision involves expanding our assistance and geographic presence to maintain industry leadership. 

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