Pinterest is testing a ‘body type ranges’ tool for an inclusive search experience

Pinterest is trying to be more body-positive by testing a new consumer-facing tool that will allow users to filter their searches according to body types. This adds to its suite of 'inclusive AI' efforts.

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Pinterest body type ranges tool

Pinterest is testing a new consumer tool that will let users filter searches based on different body types. The tool will work on women’s fashion and wedding ideas at launch.

The feature has a front-facing tool to search for women’s fashion and wedding ideas and then use filters for body types. The platform believes that the diversity feature will also help increase engagement. It has added filters for different skin tones, the platform saw a 70% increase in the pins saved across different skin tones.

Pinterest has previously integrated a body type-inclusive AI search technology into the app and the new feature adds to it. The photo-sharing app stated that the feature was added to make the app more body-positive and inclusive.

The platform has pointed out the harmful effects of discrimination with Megan D’Alessio, former manager of inclusion and diversity at Pinterest, stating how many people are dissatisfied with their bodies and looks and how it is worse for girls since '50% of adolescent girls are unhappy with their bodies compared to 31% of boys.'

Body image issues are at the heart of today’s issues, especially after Meta employee Frances Haugen disclosed internal data that showed how Instagram led to body image issues, especially amongst teen girls.

Working to get ahead of potential regulations around teen social media use and body image issues, Pinterest is trying to be inclusive and has stated that it has improved body representation on women’s fashion searches by 5x. With the addition of the new body type technology to its suite of 'inclusive AI' efforts, it has also included skin tone ranges and hair pattern search filters. 

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