Only 25% of advertisers are ready for cookie deprecation: YouGov Survey

The Taboola/YouGov survey asked advertising and marketing decision-makers about their readiness for cookie deprecation, its expected impact on their businesses, and how it will affect their advertising channel investments.

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YouGov Survey

Taboola today announced results from a study conducted on its behalf by YouGov, focused on advertiser reactions to cookie deprecation. 

Advertisers are bracing for the cookieless world and despite a recent decision by Google to delay the cookie phaseout, advertisers still have questions about their readiness for the new world and the ultimate effect on business results it will have.

The new Taboola/YouGov study polled decision-makers in advertising and marketing to understand their level of preparedness for cookie deprecation, the effect they anticipate it will have on their business, and how it will affect their decision to invest in certain advertising channels. Key highlights include:

  • Advertisers aren’t ready for the cookieless future, and many agree with Google’s decision to delay the phaseout. Only 25 percent of advertisers are completely prepared for the cookie phaseout and 46 percent are happy with Google’s decision to delay the phaseout.

  • Advertisers will change the way they spend in a cookieless world. 44% of advertisers anticipate shifting advertising spend to different channels, as the cookie is phased out.

  • Advertisers see different channels as providing better performance and return on investment in a cookieless world. Search advertising and native advertising were among those ranked as the strongest.

The independent YouGov study was conducted on behalf of Taboola, and polled 202 decision-makers in advertising and marketing, in companies with at least 100 employees. Fieldwork was conducted online and was undertaken between 3rd - 9th May 2024. 

Tabloo YouGov cookie phaseout survey