Home decor, fashion, and gifts lead the shopping list for Bharat consumers: Report

Rediffusion’s Bharat Lab report gives insights into the spending habits of regional India during the festive season.

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Bharat Lab Report

The Bharat Lab spoke to 1027 consumers (M=526, F=501) in the Hindi Heartland (mainly Uttar Pradesh) to gauge what’s on their shopping list this season. The sample covered the entire spectrum of Bharat consumers across age, income, and gender. The research explored their purchase dispositions across domains like Gifting, Fashion, Jewellery, Automobiles, Home Décor, Travel, and Entertainment, relative to their spending last year.

Overall, the report shows how Bharat's consumers prioritize festive spending despite inflationary concerns and home decor, fashion, and gifts lead the shopping list. Discounts and offline shopping are influential for consumers.

87.4% of the respondents will purchase new home decorations – wall hangings, carpets, torans, etc. – during this festive season. Fashion came second, with 83.5% of respondents willing to invest in garments, clothes, and, accessories this festive season.  Automobiles came second to last with customers showing interest in purchasing new vehicles – four-wheelers or two-wheelers – which is extremely low. Only 19% will buy four-wheelers, and 23.5% will buy two-wheelers this festive season. 44.3% of respondents plan on investing in jewelry this festive season.

As per the report, despite 75.3% responding that inflation will alter their purchases this festive season, people are still willing to spend more money across all categories. 66% of respondents reported that they are likely to spend 50-75% more money across categories. 

72% of respondents reported that concerns around air pollution will influence their ‘aatishbaazi’ purchases. Low intent for sure.

42.8% of the respondents agreed that discounts and brand offers matter while spending and for 35.5% of the respondents traditional and cultural significance will sway their decisions. 18.7% of respondents believed that their financial situation influenced their shopping decisions

Across low, mid, and high-income levels, more than 85% of respondents planned to spend up to 50k on their festive purchases, with electronics and mobiles being at the top of the list.

68% of the respondents plan on travelling with 21% planning to go abroad this festive season. 6% believe they will travel solo while 26.4% of respondents will travel with friends and 35.6% plan on travelling with family. 32.1% dont plan on travelling this festive season.

Here are a few key insights from the report:










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