Gujarat leads Radio ad space with 19% share in Jan-Mar’24: TAM Report

According to the report, among the top 10 sectors, services led with the highest share of advertising volumes, commanding 31% in early 2024.

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TAM India’s quarterly report provides insights into radio advertising trends during the first quarter of 2024, specifically from January to March.

The report suggests that advertising on radio experienced a notable 7% growth during January to March 2024 compared to the same period in 2023. Among the top 10 sectors, Services led with the highest share of advertising volumes, commanding 31% in early 2024. Properties/Real Estate retained its top rank in categories, holding a significant 16% share of ad placements.

Additionally, the top 10 advertisers collectively increased their ad volumes by 14%, with LIC of India prominently leading this group. The report also notes that three of the top 10 brands advertised in early 2024 were from the BFSI sector. Properties/Real Estate emerged as the top growing category in terms of ad secondages, followed closely by Cars, reflecting dynamic advertising trends from January to March 2024 compared to the previous year.

Moreover, the report highlights an increase in the number of exclusive brands advertising on radio, totalling 3,300 during the period, signalling a diverse advertising landscape. Geographically, Gujarat stood out as the leading state for radio advertising, capturing a significant 19% share of ad volumes. Among cities, Jaipur led with a 9% share of ad volumes.

In terms of preferred broadcasting times, the report indicates that the evening time band was the most preferred for radio advertising, followed by morning and afternoon slots, suggesting strategic timing choices for reaching target audiences effectively.

You can view the full report down below: 

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