Global brands bank on nostalgia and sentiments with Christmas campaigns

Campaigns that bring out the festive spirit are the ones that creatively juggle storytelling, characters, music and imagery. Take a voyage through the global Christmas campaigns from this year that successfully manage to stir up emotions and fill the heart with festive glitter.

Harshal Thakur
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Global Christmas campaigns

It’s that time of year when the temperature drops, a cold breeze takes hold of cities, it snows in some parts of the world, and working professionals go on extended holidays. Christmas brings back a plethora of memories for people – especially childhood ones. Brands try to make the most of it by celebrating this festive occasion with consumers. Several brands launch their flagship campaigns during this time to capitalize on the festive spirit. 

Numerous campaigns centered around the theme of Christmas have shown up this year and a few among those have managed to strike a chord with people. These campaigns are designed around some common themes, motifs, and ideas that are closely associated with the festive season. These include the focus on family and togetherness, nostalgia and sentimental value attached with the occasion, and promoting traditional holiday values. Coca-Cola's ‘The World Needs More Santas’ campaign encourages people to spread Christmas cheer in their own communities. The ad advocates that it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, you can still make a difference in the world. 

Apple’s ‘Fuzzy Feelings’ holiday film incorporates stop-motion animation and real world situations to emphasize on the power of creativity to bring in change. It features an employee learning new dimensions of her boss’s personality when she starts seeing him in a different light and with a new lens. 

Here are some global Christmas campaigns that have been successful in evoking the festive feelings this year: 



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