Social Media and Indian Beer Industry

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Social Media and Indian Beer Industry

Key Research Findings:

  • Kingfisher is the most popular brand among Social Media users
  • Maharashtra is the targeted geographic region for all beer brands
  • Twitter is the most used platform
  • People associate beer and cricket
  • Indian beer buyers are price sensitive

Insights through Social Media

  • People in the age group of 18-25 years , which is the target segment for beer, talk more about beer
  • Kingfisher has a 88.3% voice share
  • Foster's and Miller Lite have the highest opinion score
  • The most used words in association with beer are- IPL, People, Kingfisher, Easter,Cricket,Party,Price,Food and Tax

Social Media and India Beer industry report

Conclusion of analysis:

  • Beer brands have more male patronage than female
  • Tuborg and Carlsberg do not have good brand patronage across the nation
  • Cricket and beer go together
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