Social Media Case Study – Twitter ‘Ladder Up’ Sweepstakes

social media case study


Tower Heist ‐ Twitter ‘Ladder Up’ Sweepstakes


Universal Pictures


Universal Pictures was looking for an unconventional approach to a Twitter promotion compared to what had been done with previous movie releases.  They wanted to give moviegoers an incentive for tweeting about the film while also encouraging them to share the promotion.


Brandmovers concepted and designed a promotion with a ‘ladder up’ component that provided incentives to the user base for reaching milestones in tweets. As more users tweeted the movie they quickly unlocked larger levels of prizes. For added inspiration, a custom Twitter visualization tool was designed that pulled tweets in through Brandmovers’ custom API script.

Demo Link


Twitter followers went wild for the promotion with thousands of users tweeting to unlock over 90% of the building and its prize levels. Universal Pictures received critical acclaim for the campaign’s innovative use of the Twitter within a promotion.