Catch the Happiness Van: Reliance Digital Campaign Review

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Catch the Happiness Van: Reliance Digital Campaign Review

Brand: Reliance Digital

What is it: Electronics Retail Chain

Campaign Name: Catch the Happiness Van

Campaign Platform: Facebook - Reliance Digital (Likes - 136,906)

Campaign Duration: Ends on 31st August.

Reliance Digital is on a mission to bring happiness.


And this happiness is brought by the Happiness Van that is currently traveling across the country. All the users have to do is “Catch the Happiness Van.”


What is the contest about?

When I said the van is travelling across the country, I meant digitally.


For instance, as seen in the image, the van is in Andhra Pradesh. If the user is based in Andhra Pradesh, he clicks on the van to claim his Rs 1000 coupon code. The user then visits his nearest Reliance Digital store to redeem the coupon.


The user then comes back to the page and participates in the iHappy contest and submits a scanned copy of the receipt. This makes him eligible for the lucky draw.



The campaign is a good mix of offline and online engagement. The objective of the brand is to sell products and this campaign does exactly that. The team behind the application has done a fantastic job. The designs are exhilarating and the application works smoothly throughout.

The concept is very simple and the users have no pressure on their brain throughout. It is a commendable example of fans to footfalls engagements.

The activities are heavily promoted on the page.

Scope of Improvement:

When I said users have no pressure on their brain, I meant, the pressure is on their wallet. The only way to win an iPad and be iHappy is to shop worth Rs. 10000/- or more. The coupon too is valid only on shopping worth Rs 10000/- or more. Now this is a good example of rich get richer. Since the coupons are valid till 31st August, you will either end up wasting the coupon or spending Rs 9000/- anyways.

Either ways, it’s a win-win situation for Reliance Digital.


This campaign can be divided into three sections:

  1. Get your coupon code – Online
  2. Redeem the coupon at RD store – Offline
  3. Play iHappy to win iPad – Online

See the disconnect?

Between two online activities, the offline activity is too uncertain. If the user wishes to buy a product worth 10k, he will come back and play the iHappy contest. The real question though is how many of you would shop worth Rs 10k to play the iHappy contest for iPad.

As a user, I am not too happy about the way it ends. A brand like Reliance could have easily come up with gift hampers for certain number of participants and emerge victorious. That would be a win-win situation for both the brand and the consumer.

Instead, the brand has negotiated way too much and not everybody is going to be happy about it.

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