Social Media Campaign Review – Ek Tha Tiger

Sometimes I wonder if Salman Khan needs to promote his movies. His name itself is an asset to the filmmakers. An actor of his prowess can easily draw enough audience to the theater.

With Ek Tha Tiger slated for a 15th August release, a lot of buzz has been generated on social media. In fact, I am seeing it trending on Twitter every day since the last few days. It has managed to achieve a strong position on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Going by the names involved in the movie, one may assume that it is a cake walk for ETT on social media. Salman Khan alone has over 25 lakh people following him on twitter. And let’s not rule out the fan clubs and Being Human fans on both Facebook and Twitter. Simply taking these number into consideration, success seems inevitable for this campaign.


The Ek Tha Tiger Facebook page has 595K fans and should touch base at 600K before the release. The look of the page has maintained its consistency from cover page to tabs.

The page is content driven with stills, quotes, and visuals from the movie shared every other hour. Of course, Salman Khan fans like to share his images, and hence there are 111,135 people talking about this at the time of writing this review.

Other than content, the engagement activities seem to have hit a slack period.

Let us have a look at its Facebook Tabs:

Sabse Bada Fan

The more you like, comment, and share, the better are your chances of being declared as “Sabse Bada Fan” and win merchandise. Clearly aimed to foster conversations on the page.

Book Tickets

A simple single click tab redirecting to “Book My Show

Scarf Like Tiger

If you don’t have a scarf, buy one. Then take a photo and send it to If your photo is shortlisted, you will be featured on the page and you can win goodies.

EkTheTiger Scarf Entries

You can check out the gallery for submitted entries. With close to 200 entries, the engagement is a good example of user generated content.

ETT Mobile Downloads

Features codes that lets you download ETT songs on your mobile.

I would have expected more engagement on the Facebook page for those numbers of fans. The page does a fair job with the content and lets the name of Salman Khan do the trick.


The number of followers on the twitter is growing consistently. Continuous interactions and engagements have helped trend #EkThaTiger multiple times.

EkThaTiger Twitter

What Facebook lacked, Twitter had made amends for. With a little more support from the celebrities, the social media story for ETT would have been completely different. It is however, a daunting task to get celebrities involved in SM campaigns. Nevertheless, regular conversation, correct use of hashtags, and healthy mix of content makes Ek Tha Tiger Twitter handle a hit.


All videos related ETT are featured on YRF channel. The YouTube figures speak for this channel is very high.

  • Videos: 1106
  • Subscribers: 260,152
  • Channel Views: 351,201,224

To individually separate ETT videos and the number of views from previously uploaded videos is an intimidating task.  With trailers, songs, bytes from the cast and crew, chat interviews and lot more, one would have expected a separate channel for the movie.

Here’s a clip of Live Video Chat of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif with over 140K+ views


In totality, the social media campaign for Ek Tha Tiger is good, bar some chinks here and there. It could have leveraged more on Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s online popularity. What I would have loved more was a Facebook game, it could have created a great deal of impact I believe.

What do you think of Ek Tha Tiger’s social media actvities? Share it with us in the comments below.


Uday Mane, best known to many as The Allegorist, is a Social Media expert, planner and consultant who works as a free-lancer. He eats, breathes and lives for his passion of story writing. He is nocturnal and spends most of his night working on romantic, dramatic, and murderous plots that he converts into short stories and publishes on his blog