Facebook Offers – Is Zuckerberg Feeling the Heat to Prove Direct Returns from Facebook?

facebook offers

The marketing budgets have seen an archetype shift from the traditional channels towards social channels and Facebook happily dominates the pie [Facebook ads, promoted posts and the very recent Facebook exchange].

This post focuses on ‘Facebook offers’ which Facebook introduced a couple of months back in the social hemisphere.

Post the IPO there has been tremendous pressure on Zuckerberg to prove Facebook’s long-term plans. While it will always be dominated by user-experience, the team at Facebook is slyly creating a perpetual win-win situation for both businesses as well as its customers.

A quick glance through the presentation below will speed you on the “you-ought-to know-facts-about-Facebook-offers” and some brands which are effectively using it.


As stated in the presentation, “Facebook offers” is here to stay because :-

  • It gives brands an opportunity to retain their loyal customers.
  • The tracking is impressive; it indirectly induces even non-fans to claim.

Facebook market-place advertisement is doing well, with claims of the lowest CPC for very popular brands with broad targeting. Of course the marketing managers have a tough time justifying the ROI on Facebook vis-à-vis Google PPC, but it is doing well for both the brands and Zuckerberg.

But Google somehow has the confidence booster in the form of Cost-Per-Acquisition which Facebook lacks. Is Zuckerberg trying to enter that terrain with ‘Facebook Offers’?

No business manager would have a problem giving discounts to existing customers on Facebook and get instant revenue, instead of going the traditional route of Google, Yahoo and other pay-per-click channels.

When it was launched, Facebook offers were free; last week they made it a ‘compulsory-spend’ after the first offer, the lowest being $5, and it increases as you change your audience.

In the coming months, can we expect Facebook to give us reports on how ‘Facebook Offers’ is helping brands to earn direct revenue?

While no one is complaining, you can only imagine how smart Zuckerberg and his team is working to ensure Facebook creeps in to the “facebook-means-revenue-too” mode. Positive pressure always helps.

Share your views on this post. If you know of other brands who are using Facebook offers effectively feel free to share with us here.

Featured Image: Intrampomote