How to Kill a Brand on Social Media - @CoolChefCafe Tells You How

Rakesh Kumar
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How to Kill a Brand on Social Media - @CoolChefCafe Tells You How

Another day, another social media crisis. Only this one is as outrageous as all the ones before it combined and multiplied by the highest prime number.

So outrageous that I am having trouble writing this post. Why? One, because I am laughing like an ass reading the pathetic tweets dished out by @CoolChefCafe. And two, because I am kind of dazed. Dazed by the way a brand is trolling not just normal users, but influencers.

Setting The Scene

So allegedly Cool Chef Cafe is not so good when it comes to settling accounts with promoters and artistes as Kenneth Lobo mentions here.


The image was shared by all the concerned folks and it as it happens on social media, it found its way from Facebook to Twitter.

Adarsh Munjal, better known on Twitter as @TheBigBhookad shared the post on Twitter and the rest, as they say, results into social media crisis.

@CoolChefCafe - You Da Man!

If anyone wants to know how to punch holes into a business, please reach out to them. They are doing an awesome job at it. Just go through their Twitter timeline and you will find tweets after tweets that will make any social media marketer weep tears of blood.

Each tweet is epic'er than the one before it. Trust me.

Sample these:





One should either be totally crazy or suicidal to be doing this.

The Road Ahead?

So what should @CoolChefCafe do now that its image has been tarnished, burned and the ashes thrown in the wildfire to burn even more?

  1. Claim that the account was hacked... It's still the hottest excuse out there. Right?
  2. Delete all the tweets and apologize. But 2000 years back, a wise old sage once said in a song by Timbaland, " target="_blank">It's Too Late to Apologize.
  3. Keep being the #facepalm self that they are right now. They might still have some fans left who appreciate this attitude.

We all know what happened to Burgs India. This one went one step (leap rather) ahead.

Come on everyone, let's get together and wish them a 'Get Well Soon'.

No? Ouch!

PS: Somebody please pass me large quantities of alcohol where the social media marketer inside me can drown and die.

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