Social Media Campaign Review: Lufthansa’s Go Full Flat


The objective of this campaign is to reinforce one primary USP of Lufthansa flights – ample legroom and the ability to lie down completely on business class flights. The prize is a ticket to Europe on a Lufthansa flight.


Lufthansa Facebook Campaign

The intro features a video depicting people lying down in unlikely locations such as stairs and a seesaw at the park, bringing a smile to your face. Thereafter, you are invited to submit your own picture, lying down.

You probably have quite a few pictures of yourself on your Facebook profile and photo albums but are you lying down completely in any of them? Probably not. So this isn’t a campaign where you recycle an existing photo in a blink of an eye.

Oh no, you have to go to the pains of finding a place to lie down and a person to click you in your most flattering supine pose! Once you do that, you can juxtapose your image against the various interesting backgrounds provided by the app.

There is a gallery where you can view other people’s pictures but there are none featured yet. Alternatively, you can also share your own picture with your friends and invite them so submit their own for a shot at a free trip to Europe! If you’re not sure how to use the app though it’s really not that complicated, there is a tutorial as well as a video demonstration for viewing.


Lufthansa Facebook App

This campaign is a brilliant way to drive home the point that you can recline completely on Lufthansa flights. The app has 171 likes and counting. There is a clear warning at the bottom, cautioning fans against “attempting to lie down at a dangerous location”. That ought to keep the over-zealous ones in check!

Scope for Improvement

Lufthansa Facebook Campaign - How To Tutorial