5 Steps to Create an Impressive Social Media Resume

While many people still waste pages on simple boring resumes, here is how you can create an identity for yourself by creating a socially savvy sesume. It may not guarantee you a job, but it surely will fetch you a lot of eye-balls and impress people.

Having a well social media presence would increase your chances of your employers finding you before you find them.

1. Suit-up your Traditional Resume

While most of the employers nowadays do a background check about you on social networking sites before giving you a green chit, why not give them a heads-up in doing so?

Here’s how I do it.

 Social Media Resume


I have not only given links to my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles but have also linked to all the major social networking sites I use on a daily basis. While for some it will be just a matter of show-off, the aim here is to give them access to all the networks where they can know the candidate better.

In any case, they are going to search for you on social networking sites before they make their decision, so why not help them do it faster?

2. Personal Website

Get a domain of your own name and set up a website. Why? Because this saves you the trouble of taking or maintaining a portfolio and taking it along with you every single time.

If you don’t know how to do that, you can use WordPress or Blogspot or Wix – Easy-to-use platforms that can get your work done in few minutes. Once your domain and platform is set, you have to decide on what content you want to show.

Preferably, it should contain your work which you want to showcase to your potential employer. Apart from your profile, you might want to consider adding a few pictures (good/decent ones and not the party ones which you upload on Facebook) or videos. Add some social sharing buttons and widgets as well.

3. Video Resume

While a video resume might be difficult to be integrated in an online resume, it is the most interesting of all the alternatives to traditional resumes. It just requires a little bit of creativity.

A video resume can be you talking about your-self or some-one else talking about you or any form of visual creativity of your choice. You can find a lot of examples on YouTube to get you started with ideas.

A video resume can enhance your virtual presence in the likely case that a potential customer is searching for your information across the web. However, don’t forget to make sure that the quality of that Video Resume enhances your portfolio.

Here is my personal favorite: 10/10 for creativity.

4. LinkedIn Resume

LinkedIn has emerged as the best head-hunting option for recruiters these days. You can get to know everything and anything that is to know about a person’s professional aspect through LinkedIn.

A well maintained LinkedIn profile is equally important as the traditional CV. Companies now-a-days just ask for a LinkedIn Profile link instead of a traditional resume.

If you have a Facebook profile for your social self, then you should have a LinkedIn profile for your professional self.  This would also show your professional network and connections, recommendations from your peers, groups and anything that you are currently doing. Also, to a certain extent this validates your credibility as well.

5. Other Forms of Resumes

Designer resume or infographic resume can help you convey more about your work and experience than a normal one. If you are from an artistic/creative background, don’t be afraid to showcase it because that is what you do – be creative and awesome. Simply portray the artist in you. Pinterest in this case can be an ideal platform to experiment with the designs and creativity.

For Example: JEANNE | for Pinterest!

If you have a portfolio-based resume or CV, you might also want to give www.Jobrary.com a try. It’s a simple resume and portfolio management website, which can give personalized URLs for your profile. Quite effective for upcoming designers. It can be an alternative for a personal website or blog as mentioned earlier.

Note: Understand, learn and excel in representing yourself through different mediums. Do a dry run and ask for feed-back  from your friends and family before you put it out for everyone to see. A misfire can knock-out your chance of a job, even before you know about it.

Let us know what type of resume do you use and how effective that has been?

Featured Image By: Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung)