Facebook Releases an iOS App Update with Messenger, Camera and Gift Features

Nirali Hingwala
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Facebook has released version 5.1 of iOS App Update that includes the ability to upload multiple photos at the same time, multi slide-out messenger list, and Gift giving by integrated Facebook Gifts.

Updated on Monday, several of the new features in the iOS app might look familiar if you use apps like Facebook Camera or Facebook Messenger. For messaging, you can swipe to the left anywhere in the app to see who's available for messaging. You can also add friends to your Favourites bar for quick access.

With the news that Twitter is planning to update its mobile apps to introduce filters for photos, Facebook is on the fast track to give a snappy comeback to Twitter.

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As for camera features, the Facebook app now lets you share multiple photos in a new photo upload flow taken directly from the Facebook Camera app. Facebook has also embedded all the functionality of Camera in its primary iOS app, including Instagram like filters - “Contrast”, “Copper”, “Cream” and “B+W”.

Facebook has added  Facebook Gifts' functionality for its iOS 5.1 update. Launched in September, Facebook Gifts was originally was available only on Facebook’s website, but now it’s accessible on IPhone.

It allows users to give a gift directly by going to a friend's Timeline and hitting the new "Give Gift" button. As of now, this feature has been rolled out only in the United States.

Facebook for iOS 5.1 is now available in the App Store. Speedy and frequent updates of Facebook mobile apps indicate that it is recognizing the rapid growth of mobile devices.

Photo Courtesy: dmanmatt, Facebook

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