How Fashion Bloggers are using Social Media

fashion bloggers

Social Media now is a compulsory platform for any kind of brand with excellent campaigns on facebook, twitter and pinterest.

It has escaped none including the Fashion Bloggers who have become a fashion brand over time like any other designer in the Fashion industry.

Fashion Bloggers too are using Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest not only to increase traffic on their blog and gain more popularity but also to engage their fans in a creative manner. After all, they are their own marketers!


It is the most loved platform by Fashion Bloggers. A number of Outfit and Fashion Bloggers like Style High Street, Fashion Bombay, Stylish by Nature, Style Pile and Indian Fashion Bloggers are super active on their facebook page by posting extremely creative and engaging posts.

Kind of posts

They have a variety of creative posts on their page including their blog posts and others like their shopping sprees and pictures of important fashion events. In addition, a few fashion bloggers post on famous fashion quotes, announce give away contests, and promote their sponsors through their page.

Frequency of posts

The posting frequency is observed at an average of 4-5 times in a day. These include all kinds of posts, right from their blog posts to important announcements and fashion finds.


Healthy and engaging strategies are adopted by the bloggers like sharing and tagging the post on their page to create a strong relationship with their fans. The result is a lot of likes, shares and comments with a lot of fun participation by the fans.


It is the second most preffered platform by Fashion Bloggers., Style inked and Independent Fashion bloggers create casual tweets for information and engagement to an extent. Most bloggers connect their facebook page to twitter profiles, which result in to more number of tweets per day.

Kind of tweets

Tweets include blog posts, fashion finds with pictures and even personal activities. Contests, sponsor features and style tips too are announced via tweets.

Frequency of tweets

Tweeting frequency sums up to 5-15 tweets a day, which includes blogging activities, outfit of the day and personal activity like day at work, travel etc.

Response and Engagement

Retweets, replies and mentions forms engagement on Twitter in response to tweets. Fans and fellow bloggers chat via tweets and brands mention their favourite bloggers to credit them for their best blog posts.


Not yet very popular among the Indian Fashion Bloggers, Pinterest is slowly entering the marketing agenda of the Fashion bloggers. However, Fashion Bloggers should not ignore Pinterest due to its superb pictorial representation feature.

Kind of pins

A few bloggers pin their Outfit styles and Fashion product shots on their boards. Shots of accessories, make up, outfit and fashion runways are also amongst the popular pins.

Other areas of interest like travel, food and home decor also are highlighted on separate boards.

Frequency of pins

It comes up to 10 pins a week including all kinds of pins, from fashion to beauty and food to travel.


Number of repins and likes are higher than the number of comments. A lot of fashion brands and personal users repin their pins by creating different boards like ‘My favourite Bloggers’.

Certainly, the scope of marketing on pinterest for Fashion bloggers is much higher as fashion is a show business and Pinterest allows exactly doing that.

Quick tips for Fashion Bloggers to use Pinterest effectively

  • Create different boards like Short dresses, Long skirts, Indian Jewellery, Men’s Fashion etc. This will help people follow your boards easily helping you gain more followers
  • Pin only good quality images on Pinterest. Low-res and poor quality pictures go unnoticed
  • Follow and repin as many boards and pins you can to increase your visibility on the Pinterest home page
  • Generate different areas of interest by creating boards on food, places etc. This shows you are versatile and creative
  • Do not ignore the video category. Form boards to repin other’s videos if you do not have videos of your own

Featured Image: yossiyarom