Using Google Plus for Live Stream on YouTube

Around 6 months ago Google plus introduceda nifty feature called Hangouts On Air which was only available to some users. However, this feature is now accessible to everyone. Google Hangouts On Air enables a live streaming session on YouTube through Google Plus.

Unlike standard Google Hangouts that limit the number of users to 10 and only allow users who are part of the Hangout to access it, Hangouts on Air streams allow an unlimited number of viewers who do not have to be participants in the call. Nowadays, the need to live stream across multiple platforms is becoming a necessity, as everyone has a different preference for which web tool works best for them.

Live YouTube Streaming is not restricted to computers; it is also available for most smartphones.

Google plus Houngouts On Air On Smartphones

Follow these steps to live stream on YouTube:

1. Log into Google plus account. If you want to stream from one of the pages you administer, switch to that page.

2. Click the ‘Start a Hangout’ button.

 Google Hangouts On Air

3. Choose ‘Enable Hangouts on Air’. This will let you broadcast your Hangout simultaneously on YouTube.

Google plus Start a Hangout

4. If you are using Hangouts On Air for the first time, link your account to the appropriate YouTube Channel.

5. Then click the ‘Start Broadcast’ button to go live on YouTube. You’ll also be provided with a link and an embed code that you can share through other social networks.

Google’s own is open to anyone who has a Google Plus account. It lets you connect to other live streams in different categories such as Featured Live Events, Live Sports, Live News and Politics, Live Gaming and many more.

Featured Image by: brianDhawkins