7 Facebook Tools to Optimize Social Media Marketing

Gurinder Batra
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7 Facebook Tools to Optimize Social Media Marketing

Facebook is extremely popular with marketing managers. If offers some of the most advanced tools to get fresh data on traffic, user engagement, new visitors, new likes, demographic segmentation and more.

In fact more and more businesses around the world are creating Facebook pages to gain recognition and to increase sales. Although you probably know about all the marketing tools on Facebook by now, we have a fresh list of things that can help. Whether you handle the Facebook page on your own or with the help of a company/manager, this will certainly be handy.

1. is one of the most popular apps for businesses on Facebook. It is a free app with buy option to help you utilize features too. What does this app do? Well it provides you an Excel sheet format for competitive data of a page.

This data comes in downloadable form helping you to study and customize the strategy. With a free account, you can make reports with 2 week old data and up to 250 thousand like. However if you wish to go beyond that, buy the premium version.


It is a versatile option to increase customer engagement on Facebook and on Twitter too. helps you create custom newspapers that can be auto updates. What’s the purpose? It helps your visitors get a many updates in image format. The neat presentation helps users easily get most out of the content while they can also subscribe to these newspapers.


facebook tool

This is another free Facebook tool that can be used with pages, groups and even individuals. allows you to monitor activities and conversations in a very effective way. This helps in linguistic analysis and sentimental analysis. The data is represented in a graphical format for ease of understanding. Although it is not advanced as some other paid apps in the genre, still it’s good being free.

4. Gracious Scheduling

This is probably the best tool on the list. As the name would suggest, Gracious Scheduling helps you manage many lists of updates at a single time with support for over 30 social networking sites at a time. Plus you don’t have to worry about looking mechanical with accounts or pages too, a simple scheduling option allows optimizing updates according to time zones.

5. Pledge

If you are running a page for social cause or something similar, Pledge can be quite a useful tool to have. It allows you to design custom pledge depending upon the nature of cause. It works pretty much like the traditional pledges to motivate youngsters.


Once you make pledges, users can take action and show their commitment for it. They can even share these pledges with the friends and motivate them to join the cause too. The pledges can be targeted to any segment of the audience.

6. Crowdbooster

When many tools offer you the detailed analysis of the Facebook page, Crowdbooster gives a whole new definition to in-depth analysis. This app can help you measure and optimize the social media marketing campaigns through analysis of each update.


The representation is in graph form to help you get a clear picture of how visitors took a latest update. Click-throughs, replies, likes and other such parameters help work on effectiveness.

7. HyperAlert

hyper alert

HyperAlert is a slightly unique tool for those who get little time to study data on Facebook pages. If most of your time is spent on small gadgets and mobile phones, this app will generate email reports of posts, comments and updates to know what’s happening. It is a kind of slow app but you won’t consider that being busy and all.

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