Analysis of the Social Media Marketing Strategy Adopted by Tata Docomo

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Analysis of the Social Media Marketing Strategy Adopted by Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo is one of the most influential companies on social media today. Its Facebook community currently has almost 10 million members and counting. This telecom company is certainly not the market leader in the sector, then what makes it so successful in social media marketing?

Actually, it was one of the first companies that navigated the uncharted waters of social media. Indian companies were not too keen to invest in social media marketing at first, but Tata Docomo planned and implemented a strategy that has certainly benefited them.

Today, this company uses almost every major social media platform out thereAlthough their ‘Do the New’  tagline has been successful in attracting new customers, what separates Tata Docomo from other telecom brands is their focus on quality rather than quantity.

Here’s a complete insight into their Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Tata Docomo Social Media Strategy


Tata Docomo creates social media content for any occasion or festival that people are interested in. Be it Diwali, a cricket match or a F1 race, they ensure that customers are kept excited and involved with regular updates.

 Their call to action marketing plan is working successfully. For instance, one of their recent Facebook statuses asked “When you don’t have a TV to watch your favorite match, does your operator provide this service on phone?” With clever questions such as this and other interesting updates, the brand displays that they know how to keep their customers interested.

Addressing Problems & Queries

Every query is a business opportunity and every problem is a chance to showcase your customer support. Tata Docomo certainly understands this and ensures that any questions or issues are matters of priority, even on social networks.

It is never easy to address problems on such a huge network, but the company’s top management is invested in ensuring optimal service.Whether a connection problem, billing issue or an activation grievance, the brand's Twitter account helps customers solve any complaint.

Crowd Sourcing

With the launch of innovative user-friendly products and unique marketing ideas, Tata Docomo always has something new to offer. Their product development team is quite efficient and creative, which is also a contributing factor to the brand's success on social media.

Online platforms work best when a brand stands out from its contemporaries. People like to be a part of community that is cool and compelling. Tata Docomo offers interesting social platform deals for its followers.

Brand Loyalty

In the current telecom scenario of number portability, customers can always switch to a new service provider if they are unhappy with services. Here, social networking helps Tata Docomo show customers that they care.

With an estimated secondary reach of 6 million followers, this company celebrates fan recognition. They regularly upload greeting and 'Thank You' messages, plus they also reward brand loyalty by awarding individuals the honor of being a Fan of the Week on Twitter and Facebook. This is certainly a small price for the support of thousands.


Take our words for it; Tata Docomo is not just any other company on social media. They have a dedicated team that keep a track of your name, occupation and any communication that you've had with the brand.

The database is certainly huge but with one click they know all about their customers. How does it help? Well, it allows for a more personal touch when addressing issues. Knowing details about customers might not matter in the financial books, but knowing that the brand is taking the time to create that personal, human-to-human connection will make customers feel valued.

Tata Docomo is perhaps the best example of success through social networking in the Indian scenario.

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