Why You Can’t Compare Your Social Media Campaign to Corporate Giants?

Learning from the best of the social media campaigns is always desirable but you cannot go all the way to copying and then comparing the results. Social media marketing strategies follow a tailor-made approach and have to bed designed in a certain way to ensure that they meet the requirements of your business. Of lately, many campaigns fall off on the face even before taking off. Reasons?

Unrealistic expectations and comparisons to corporate giants. There is so much ambiguity around social media marketing that companies don’t know what to call successful or unsuccessful. Understand your results are personal and should provide a base for betterment. Here’s why comparisons can be deadly.

Spending Gap

Spending gap

The first reason is the most obvious one too. Corporate biggies like Coca Cola and Nokia have really big pockets to spend millions on marketing campaigns. They have to live to their brand and advertising is not an issue there. Is it the same with you?

Well if it is then you are free to compare but with limited marketing budget, you cannot hire dozens of people to look into networking website marketing. You need to understand that just like SEO, SMM is also a slow and calculative process where nothing comes overnight. In fact, a year of patience will only fetch satisfactory results.

Marketing Bigheads

Marketing heads

With money comes the power of hiring the best advertising companies in the country. Social media marketing is not a standalone process. It is highly influenced by TV commercials, newspaper ads and banners around the city.

For instance, if people like you ads on television, chances are that they’ll come and like the Facebook page too. Obviously not all companies can afford to run commercials everywhere. All you can do is keep working on social media pages and accounts.

Brand Awareness

Brands like Nokia India and McDonald’s are recognized in every city of our country. So what are the chances of a local boutique in front of these companies? Nil.

A local boutique brand would only be able to attract people from nearby cities and even if your marketing agent goes on marketing rampage, asking people to like the page, you can’t expect the page to go viral. Of course, you brand will eventually be recognized but at a different level.

Execution Strategy

Imagine if you start giving away free trips or mobiles to attract more people to the store just like big companies, will you be able to afford such marketing expenditure? Simply copying the idea will not do anything. You have to understand what your customers want, how you can bear and then go designing a social media strategy.

That’s why guerrilla marketing came into existence; it’s all about thinking different and generating results that are relevant to your business. Although it is important to keep an eye on other campaigns, try to learn the best of everything and them customize those things.


The purpose here is not to de-motivate you. Every company starts at a lower level before hitting the top notch. But to reach there, your efforts should be calculated. The planning, designing and executing techniques should be as personal as your toothbrush.

Moreover it is important not to over-rely on social media marketing. It is certainly beneficial but it cannot be a standalone strategy. Social media marketing is a part of online marketing campaigns which is further a part of your broader marketing and advertising plan. Allocate optimum budget and time to each for successful implementation. The results are bound to flow this way.