"Learn Social Media Marketing from our Experts" - NOT

Aditya Gupta
Oct 04, 2012 04:45 IST
social media expert

Dear Social Media Expert,

I know you are supposed to be the go-to guy destination for all those folks who don’t know much about social media and possibly also for those who profess to "know" social media. I am also acutely aware that I can learn more from you than I can via Google.

Yes, thank you. I did receive an invitation from you to learn all about Social Media. With a 20% discount as an incentive to be an "Early Bird‘’ and the Big Bazaar type discount scheme for group registrations (not much different from the gazillion e-commerce sites that spam me daily by the way). However, you're different because after all, you are the Expert!

Sadly, I decided to give your tempting offer a miss. Here's why -

One - I am expected to pay a hefty amount to learn something from an expert. So, obviously I’d like to know more about this expert before I make the payment.

I do a random search online and lo and behold - I notice you across multiple platforms and even on the ones that I wasn’t aware of! Fair enough, you must be one of those cool Early-Adopters.

However, I see little else. All your updates talk only about your ‘’master class session’’ and very little about yourself? Sigh. Right, I give up on this one.

Two - I am an entrepreneur. I like to devour any and all information that could potentially help my business thrive. I would like to know all the tools, strategies, and methods that would enhance my brand's presence online.

Incidentally, I was a Product Manager in my previous avatar, before I became the captain of my own ship.  And here I see your session seems to be designed for Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, CXO’s, CMO’s, MMBS, PMs, Presidents and anyone else you can think of! How the heck is that even possible?!

I know each of these guys can use social media effectively if they knew how but how unique is your session then? How are you not a part of the herd mentality? Just so you know, my company won't be paying for my one day off from work to attend your session.

I would have to pay for it from my soon-to-be-broke account! Not unreasonable to expect a bit of a bang for my hard earned buck, would you agree?

Three - You promise me that you will help me understand all those complicated tools to manage my social media accounts better. You also promise me that I would be able to utilize my time better. However it does concern me when I see your tweets & updates being sent from some other tool not found on your “ best tool “ list.

Four - Can we take a look at your “hands on workshop”? So you ask a sophomore to get started across multiple platforms.  It does actually sound like fun to live tweet from your class and show-off a new skill.

And its a great idea also to 'like' a couple of pages that you suggested and learn about the kind of content they are publishing. Now I come to know that you also run a Social Media Agency and those suggested pages are of brands that your agency represents!

Bravo! A brave new attempt to "social media"! Ummm- conflict of interest, anyone?

Five - Yes, I need to make custom apps on my Facebook page to get the traction going. Yes, I need to invest in Facebook Ads to reach out to the right kind of people.

So, I eagerly take a look at your Facebook page and surprise surprise! Forget a microsite or a form, you haven’t even invested any amount to reach out to ‘’your target audience’’.

So the topic from your session “ Facebook Advertising Tips “ failed already! "Don't do as I do, just do as I say" philosophy, yes?

Six -  You seem to mention learning about “ Cracking Linkedin Groups for your Buinsess” in the know-it-all in a day program of yours. So, I went ahead and searched those active groups and never found a single post helping spread the knowledge from your end!

Seven - Honestly, the amount of effort I have expended in order to find out a bit more about you and your session by checking various forums and discussions is tremendous.

I have realized that all the information I gathered this way has made me Social Media savvy! Without paying a single dime!

So, dear Mr.Expert, thanks, but no thanks.


Image source: vsellis

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